A few more pics to share

I'm just going to jump right back into my Tokyo trip post, and it will probably go back and forth a lot. Just thought I'd warn you... :o)

As we had all boarded the bus to leave Mt. Fuji, the weather finally started clearing up (that kinda made my hubby mad, because he was annoyed that all of the new hikers just beginning their trek would have it easier than our group did. :P). Anyway, the clouds started to lighten, and my airman snapped a neat picture of the columns they created. It turned out pretty nicely... it reminds me somewhat of something I would see in a storybook.
On Saturday, after getting off of the subway, we had about a ten minute walk from the station to our destination. The weather was pretty hot, and I was regretting wearing my ankle-length jean skirt; I had packed a mid-length, lighter-weight skirt, but it looked cold in the morning when I had gotten dressed... I hate when the weather changes up like that! Anyway, I digress... as I mentioned, it was getting pretty hot, and that was making me thirsty.

Lo and behold, what did we see up ahead but a 7-11!!!!! Now, that may not be exciting to many of y'all, but you have to realize that there are NO 7-11s in our area, and I have had only one slurpee in the past 11 years (and that was last summer when I went Stateside to meet the in-laws)! This was a huge deal to me, as I absolutely love slurpees! I started sprinting to the building, and my husband laughed at me the whole way.
You can imagine what happened next, can't you? I found out that Japanese 7-11s don't sell Slurpees. See the look of disappointment on my face?

The first evening after arriving at the New Sanno, we did a little bit of exploring. We did a good job of following my dad's advice for staying at any new place: "GET LOST! That's the only way you'll ever learn your way around!" :o) Since we are currently leaning toward staying in the AF and re-enlisting, I believe we will get some very good use of this principle. In fact, we'll probably teach it to our children ;o) It really does work.
Anyway, during our exploration time, we found a Nathan's restaurant. Apparently, it is a big chain in the States... I've never heard of it. What? I've been in Japan since I was 10, and our little po-dunk town doesn't have one. :P Of course, my airman had to get his picture taken in front of the sign bearing his name (and he teases me for running to the 7-11! Ha!).
The place was a bit pricey, and since I wasn't very hungry, we decided to split a chili cheese dog and some crinkle fries. The food was pretty good, and it made me regret not getting my own meal, LOL. :P Oh, well. I really wasn't that hungry, and half the hot dog filled me just fine. I have to be careful anyway, as I don't want to be gaining 60 pounds or anything like that with this pregnancy!
Okay, one last picture for today: My Airman contends that this man is picking his nose (lovely thought, I know). I say he's just scratching... what do you think?


Rhonda said...

Hey! a 7-11 in Japan, who knew?

I just got a look at your profile.
Looks like we should probably knoe each other. You mention West Coast BC. Did you go there?

Blessings and Joy!

Mrs.B. said...

Wow, those clouds are amazing! What a great picture.

Sorry you didn't get your slurpee. )o:

Arlene said...

There are all kinds of "American" places here in Japan; I'm always amazed at what is being built these days. :~)

Sorry, but I don't think we know each other... I've been here at this base since I was 10, was at Ft. Meade, Maryland (from age 4-10) before arriving in Japan, and was at San Vito, Italy for the first 4 years of my life. Maybe you've been to one of those places? :P

So, you attended WBC? I always wanted to go there, but the Lord hadn't given me peace about leaving Japan. Of course, now I know the reason was so that I could stay here and meet my wonderful husband! :o)

Mrs. B,
The picture did turn out nicely, didn't it? Nathan is so proud of himself for taking it, lol :P

In about 6 more months, we will be Stateside, so I will just wait to get my slurpee then! :o)

Rhonda said...

No, I didn't, but have friends and family around there.


Happymama said...

OK, sorry you didn't get the slurpee. :*( And the last picture looks like a scratch to me too....although.....it could very well be a pick. I'm still more on the side of the scratch. Interesting poll, though, Arlene. LOL


Amy said...

Thanks for the pictures! My favourite is the one with the awesome clouds. I've never seen anything like that.

Arlene said...

I told my husband that you agreed with me, Kristi, and he still believes it's a pick. But then, he needs glasses, and refuses to get them, so he must be blind. ;o)

Amy, I haven't seen any clouds like that, either. It did turn out nicely, didn't it? :o)

Tammy said...

WOW, that first picture is so neat! I love the clouds! I've never seen clouds like that before! It sounds like you had a great trip!

Arlene said...

Tammy, I've been telling Nathan what everyone has said about his picture, so he is pretty pleased with himself and his "professional photography" skills! He will be happy to know he has yet another admirer of his work :P