Mt. Fuji trip

First off, I know that if I try to blog about every picture we took, I will be here for days. Therefore, I will try to give a condensed version of the events that took place during our trip. Let's see... I'll start with this picture here:
As you can see, my airman is very happy we have finally made it to Mt. Fuji after several bus rides to get there.

{Which reminds me of a story... We had to get up at 0230 in order to ready ourselves to board the bus around 0300. Around 2100, we called the front desk to have a wake-up call made, set the alarm clock, and headed to bed. I awoke well before the phone rang and alarm went off, just because I was so afraid neither one would wake us, and we would be late. Finally, I heard the beeping, and got up; quite a few minutes later, I heard the phone ring for our wake up call. I thought it was odd that the call came so late, but figured the operator had heard us say a different time, and thought nothing of it. I woke my hubby, and we were ready even sooner than we had anticipated.

As we headed down to the lobby, we were very aware of the emptiness in the room. We decided to check outside, thinking perhaps everyone was waiting on the bus... but there was no vehicle in sight. We really started to panic, because we thought that we might have been left behind, and maybe had misunderstood the boarding times. Finally, a few minutes later, we saw the bus pull up, and discovered we were the first to board.

I decided that I was very alert for it being 0330, and wasn't feeling tired at all! Well, not until we had settled comfortably in our seats and noticed that the clock on the bus said 0248... it was then that we realized the clock in our bedroom had been set to one hour ahead of the actual time!!! (it then made sense that the wake-up call had come so "late") Of course, as soon as we realized that, we were suddenly drained of any energy we thought we had, LOL! :o) Thankfully, the bus ride to the mountain was about 4 hours, so we were able to catch a bit of sleep. Of course, while My Airman climbed, I slept, and that helped me to feel even more alert, hehehe.}

Okay, back to my pictures.

Despite rain, strong winds, hail, and other crazy weather happenings, my honey and several others made it to the top of the mountain! They started climbing around 0600, and my airman made it back about 1800. A twelve hour hike. Considering all the trouble with the weather, that really wasn't too bad. There were quite a few people who didn't make it to the top, but again, taking into account the weather issues, everyone did a great job. One downside to the weather status was that most didn't take very many pictures while actually climbing. My honey was completely soaked when he came back, as was everything in his backpack... including the camera. We were a bit worried that the camera might have been damaged, but so far everything has been working fine *fingers crossed* ;o)
Here's a shot of my honey with his walking stick,
standing by one of the huts/rest stops.
One of the workers stamping the stick.
At the beginning of the hike, many people buy a stick.
There are huts/stops along the mountain,
and at each hut, a hiker may purchase a stamp
(it is burnt on as opposed to being inked in place).
Once the hiker makes it to the top,
his stick is filled, and it's a great souvenir!

Saturday (the next day after the hike) was a "free day" for everyone, so we made the most of it by doing some sight-seeing and eating! Definitely the eating was my favorite part, hehehe. We didn't do very much shopping, aside from buying a few souvenirs.

We were even able to find a Japanese Denny's! That may not be a big deal to those of you in the States, but seriously, I have NEVER seen a Denny's in Japan. It has been about 12 years since I've eaten at one, so I was very excited about this visit! It was quite a walk from the hotel (we stayed at the New Sanno -- loved everything about it, too!), but I'm still glad we made the trek, as I just didn't want to have McDonalds for breakfast that time. :o) It was more of Japanese-style restaurant than we were expecting, but it was a nice visit all-in-all.
On the walk back to the subway (we had decided to make a trip to Tokyo Tower; it was the inspiration for the Eiffel Tower in France -- bet you didn't know that, huh? I didn't until Saturday, lol), we saw a Lambourghini shop, and figured we would take a look around since my man was drooling so badly over the car in the window! :o)

The woman behind the counter was extremely nice, and let us take pictures of each other in the driver's seat. I'll tell you, his grin was definitely not fake, and was quite possibly bigger than the smiles in our wedding pictures, LOL! ;o) Obviously, we didn't buy the car, but it was still nice to sit and dream (well, my airman dreamt... I don't really think the car is that great, but I can still be sweet and enjoy the moment with my husband, hehehe. He was happy, and that's all that matters :P).
Well, it is late over here. My honey is already in bed, so I will end for now. More pictures to come tomorrow! Good night, and sleep tight! For those of you in the States: Good morning, and good day! :o)


Rebecca said...

I enjoyed seeing all of your pictures. Nathan looks so much older to me than he did when you were here. I don't know why. *shrug*

What did you do while he was climbing? Did they have a lodge that you could sit in?

I'm looking forward to more pics tomorrow.

Arlene said...

I think it's the beard that made him look so much older. Several people (on the trip) guessed his age to be about 26! Not old, I know, but for a 20-year-old to be confused for 26... that's a big difference.

I couldn't sit in the lodge when we first arrived there, because it wasn't open, lol. The man just opened it for our group to buy their sticks, and then closed it back up. I slept in the bus, as did the bus drivers and two other women who didn't climb. Everyone kept asking what else I did... but really, I just slept, and the only time I got up was to use the restroom inside the shop (just walking that far was quite a hike; crazy!), and once I did grab something to eat from the restaurant inside. Everything was making me sick, though (couldn't decide if it was morning sickness or altitude sickness, lol), but I did manage to find something that stayed down and didn't make me gag. (lovely thought, lol)

Mrs.B. said...

Hi Arlene~~I just wanted to pop over and thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog today!

I see you just started your blog and I was excited to see that you attend an IFB church too! (o:

I enjoyed reading about your trip and look forward to seeing more pictures.

LOL now I know who my vistor from Japan is.....it shows up on my site meter and I was wondering. (o:

You have a lovely blog and I will be back soon.


Arlene said...

Grrrrr, Mrs. B!!! Blogger just ate my comment! That's okay, I was probably babbling too much, as I was a little "star-struck" hehehe. (I really do feel as if a celebrity has come to visit me, LOL! I would probably be a complete dweeb if we ever met in person *blushing* LOL)

I was excited when I first found your blog, as well; it is so nice to meet people of like faith and practice on here, isn't it? :~)

I didn't know you had a site meter; I first saw that on Tammy's blog, and I was her visitor from Japan, too. I'm thinking about getting one for my blog... I wonder if I'll have any visitors from Japan :P

Mrs.B. said...

LOL a celebrity? I don't know about that, but thank you Arlene....your comment made me smile. (o:

If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog you'll see the site meter icon. Click on it and you can get one too....it's free.


Arlene said...

I told my husband that you came to my blog and left some comments... I don't think he was as impressed as I was, LOL! He is starting to learn everyone's names, though, so at least he knows who I'm talking about everyday :)

I think I'll see about that site meter... but after I finish my house duties, and get dinner preparations underway