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Today I had my OB checkup. I was pretty nervous, because I learned I was scheduled for, umm... *ahem* the yearly womanly exam. Last year was the first time I'd ever had one, and since the results came back as normal, the doctor said I didn't have to come back in for about 2 or 3 years. Of course, what I didn't know is that I would have to get two or three exams done during and after pregnancy. Joy. :-S Thankfully, this exam went by so much more smoothly than last year's experience! :o)

I met with a new doctor today. I'd not heard anything from anyone else about appointments with her so I was nervous about how everything would go. (in military hospitals, patients don't usually get the same doctor for each appointment) She was very nice, and was great about explaining everything very clearly. As this is my first pregnancy, I need everything spelled out, so that was a great help to me, LOL!

I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat again! :o) It took the doctor a few seconds of searching to find the baby, but we were able to hear a strong, steady beat. She said it sounded good, and was in the 150 range (I think last visit it was in 170? I can't remember.) Last time, I nearly cried once I heard the rushing *whoosh*whoosh* of his/her heart, and today was no different. :P The only bad thing was that since we didn't know they would be listening for the heartbeat, My Airman didn't come with me to my appointment. So... he was sad when I told him what he missed. Oh, well; next time. :)

I've gained just shy of 7 lbs so far. That is such a huge deal to me, as I have pretty much been the same weight since I was about 16...

The doctor said that everything looks and sounds very good, so she put me in the routine pregnancy category -- meaning this is not considered a high risk pregnancy, and we have a very low chance of miscarriage. Yay! :o) I know that's what every mother-to-be wants to hear, but I think I needed to hear it even more than most others. My birth mother miscarried 3 babies before my brother and I were born... there were just a whole lot of complications with each of her pregnancies. You can understand why I've been a little worriful during this time, can't you? (yes, I know worry is a sin... I'm working on it!)

I've always wanted a big family, but knowing my birth mother's medical problems with pregnancy, I was afraid that I might have difficulties, as well. Thankfully, that's not true so far; Lord-willing, it will stay that way!

Here's a picture of what "Baby C" looked like at 9 wks. I will actually hit 13 weeks tomorrow, despite what my ticker says, LOL! Which reminds me -- I need to change that!
It has been unbelievably hot here recently! I suppose I shouldn't complain though. Last year, we had 3 or 4 black flag days, as well as a few red flag days; this year, we haven't had anything close to that. I almost hate to cook in this heat, but there really isn't much I can do. I suppose I need to have my husband teach me how to use the grill so that I don't heat up the kitchen so much. I've been trying to do quick, easy meals (can you say "Rachael Ray"?!), and that seems to help a bit.
A friend has asked me to do her make-up this Friday afternoon. She and her husband are going to the Senior NCO induction and will be attending a nice, sit-down dinner and ceremony. Of course, everyone uses this opportunity to get all dolled up, so I'm glad to help her out as she's such a wonderful friend to me! :o)

I've done her make-up for the past two years when they went to the Air Force Ball, so I'm taking it as a compliment that she is asking for my help again. Plus, I usually get a cheesecake out of it as payment, LOL! ;o) Mmmmm, I will eat pretty much anything that comes from her kitchen. She is one of the best cooks I've ever met, and she's got the clientele to prove it!


Denial Renae said...

what are red and black flags?

Arlene said...

They're warnings for high heat. For example, with a black flag day, basically all outside work is stopped unless it's absolutely mission-essential. Even when a group is allowed to work, they are required to take frequent breaks, drink lots of fluids, etc, to prevent heat stroke or any other problems like that.

Happymama said...

Cute post, Arlene. Thanks for sharing your babies picture with us. How sweet! I'm so glad you had a good visit with the doctor. I know what you mean about the military and never seeing the same doctor. I never had the same one, but there was one I liked best and I prayed that the Lord would let him be on call the night our oldest was born. And guess what...he WAS! I was so happy.

I'll hunt down some cool recipes for you to try so you don't have to stand in a hot kitchen.

Have a great day!

Susan said...

Glad all went well with your prenatal! There's nothing better than hearing you little one's heartbeat!

Mrs.B. said...

I'm so happy that all is well with you and baby C! (o:

Rebecca said...

So happy to hear that everything is going well with your pregnancy. :~) I always loved listening to the heartbeat!

Arlene said...

Don't you just love when the Lord answers prayers? :~) We're supposed to PCS before the baby is born, though, so I'll have to work quickly to find a doctor I like, huh?

Can't wait to see some recipes :P You know I'm a collector, don't you? ;o)
Thanks, Mrs. B, Susan, and Rebecca! :~)

Jessica said...

When it's really hot, just have Nathan take you out so there's no cooking for you whatsoever! ;P ha ha

You writing Oyasuminasai reminded me I need to purchase a cheaters guide to the Japanese language. That way I can at least say, "where is the bathroom" when I get to Tokyo.

I got so use to saying "Baby O" that I'll probably still refer to my niece/nephew that way. It just rolls off my tongue really easy. Funny, if their middle name beings with an E, the initials would be "CEO"!!! :D ha ha

Adele said...

I'm glad your pregnancy is going well and that the dr.'s report is good. It is a neat experience to hear the heartbeat - you should get to hear it at all of your appointments, which is fun.

Now we are all going to try to guess what the "C" names are!

Arlene said...

You know what's so funny, Jess? When we were courting and talked about names for kids, we decided we liked Elijah as a middle name, so the baby really WAS going to be a CEO! We changed our minds, though, so... no CEO for now. Maybe next one, huh? ;o)
Thanks for the well-wishes, Adele. I didn't know we would get to hear it every time. I thought it was just going to be at the appts with an ultrasound -- you should have told me earlier, LOL! :P

I should post a guessing game to see who can figure out the name first, LOL! Hmmm... but what would I offer as a prize? :P