Catching up

My goodness, it has been a busy few days! Nathan was completely exhausted from having worked a 12-hour shift every day last week, so on Saturday, I let him sleep until after 0800 (he normally rises just before 0500). He actually fell asleep Friday night around 1930, so he got over twelve hours... I think he would have slept in even longer if I had let him, LOL! I woke him up with breakfast in bed; popovers fresh-from-the-oven, seved with jam, well-browned sausages, and scrambled eggs. It's always so much easier to get him awake that way! I debate about doing this on a daily basis, but it would mean waking around 0430 (or earlier) every morning. At this stage in my pregnancy (I am tired all the time; strange for me, as I have always been one to function well on just a few hours of sleep), I just don't think it's feasible. Someday I will not have this pregnancy as an excuse, but I'm sure I'll come up with another reason not to get up so early, LOL! ;o) For now, Nathan can enjoy his breakfast-in-bed on Sunday mornings (and a few Saturdays).

After eating, showering, and readying himself for the day, Nathan went to take the van in to the Auto Hobby Shop on base. The van (lovingly dubbed the "Blue Blur" due to Nathan's love of speeding, LOL) needs some work in order to pass the upcoming JCI (Japanese Compulsory Insurance)... there goes a big chunk of our paycheck! Oh, well; it is necessary, so we will just have to tighten up for a bit. Next paycheck, Nathan will get a raise for reaching his 3rd year of service (wow, I remember when he hit his 2-year-mark... just yesterday, it seemed!), and we'll get some much-needed money for his clothing allowance. We've had to throw out some of Nathan's uniforms due to normal wear-and-tear, but couldn't replace them as the budget has been tight the past few months. He has been so worried everyday about possible open-rank inspections, so next month we will finally be able to fix that issue.

We had a nice "date night" and drove out the main gate to see the Tanabata Festival. After walking around for a bit, we decided to visit a new restaurant that opened a few months back... but then we found out it was a BAR, and not a restaurant!!! :O We were quite shocked, as the outside of the building looks like it should be an Italian restaurant or something along those lines. We were very disappointed, and needless to say, we turned right back around and walked out the door!!! We were just going to buy some food from the vendors, but there was so much drinking, immodesty, and other craziness going on (it wasn't even SIX THIRTY, people!!!!!), so we ended up heading to another restaurant (not a bar, thankfully, LOL) and enjoyed some quiet time together. Tori has written a timely post regarding desensitization to sin, and I have to admit, it was very convicting. Nathan and I have taken to using Tori's "eyes left-right-straight-down-whatever" in order to warn the other of upcoming nakedness! It has really worked well for us. Sometimes, I get so used to seeing blatant immodesty that it doesn't even register in my mind until much later. It is vitally important that we keep ourselves on guard at every moment.

Each Sunday after church services, we have lunch with my parents. Everything is always so delicious, and this week was no exception! :o) My mom slow-cooked a chicken and some veggies in the crockpot. Everything was so tender that the meat literally fell off of the bones. Mmmmm, yummy! I'll have to remember to post the recipe for my mom's chicken-in-a-pot sometime. It is a great recipe for an easy company dinner, as you just throw everything into the pot and forget about it. :o) Any time I've made it for company, it has gone over wonderfully. For dessert, we had fresh strawberries with ice cream; sweet, simple, and satisfying. In a word, perfect! :P

Sunday night, one of our deacons preached a fantastic message entitled, "To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required." If you want to listen to the sermon, it is posted on our church website *here* He did a great job; the message convicted both my heart and Nathan's, as well as many others' in the church. I would encourage you to listen if you have the time. :o)

On Monday, most of the base was given a day off (UTE day... but I don't remember what the acronym stands for, LOL). Notice I said most of the base was given the UTE day. Sadly, Nathan's flight was not. As I mentioned before, morale is at an all-time low right now, and this extra work day did nothing to help. Nathan told me that during the morning meeting (on Friday morning), his supervisor said *quote* Have you heard about the UTE day on Monday? Yeah, you're not getting it. In addition, if I hear any complaining about it, you'll get paperwork. This is the military, people; you get no sympathy, so get over it. *unquote* Hmmm... no wonder people in Nathan's shop are calling his supervisor "Fidel." :-S *sigh* At least Nathan was able to get off "early" (meaning regular time, as opposed to working twelves that day). Of course, everyone else was sent home before noon, and Nathan's shop wasn't told until quite a while later. I shouldn't complain, though; he was home just a few minutes before 1400. I was completely surprised when I heard a key turning in the lock! Nearly gave me a heart attack, LOL!

It was really nice to have Nathan come home at the right time, instead of coming home so late! It was a little confusing, at first, though, because we didn't know what to do with all that extra time, LOL! ;o) We didn't really do much at all, except to relax together, and just enjoy each other's company. After dinner, we decided to get our "big" shopping day out of the way, in order to avoid the crowd on payday (which is today -- YAY!). Every time we go commissary shopping, Nathan and I make a guessing game to see who can get the closest to the bill total. Usually, I am just a few dollars off, and Nathan loses. :o) Yesterday, we were both way off... although, I was much closer to our total than he was. :P I think I was off because we bought a few items that we don't normally buy; trying out a few new things, you know, so I wasn't familiar with their price range. That's my excuse anyway! ;o)

After coming home and putting up the groceries, we enjoyed a nice snack of (homemade) chocolate chip cookies and an ice-cold glass of milk. I didn't have enough margarine when I made the cookies, so I used butter instead; it made such a difference in taste! I was surprised at the change! I can't decide if I like them better with margarine or butter; they are still delicious either way, though... in fact, I think I hear one calling my name right now.

...Coming! ;o)


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This was an interesting read. :D Have a great day!

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I am having a great day, Tammy! Thanks :)