Dog days of summer...

Hey, why are they called dog days anyway? Who came up with that name? I think cats get just as hot as dogs do... oh, well. :P Abby looked so cozy while she was snoozing the day away and I had to snap a picture. :o) You think I post a lot of pictures of this cat... wait 'til this baby is born! ;o) LOL


Tammy said...

If you look up "dog days" at wikipedia.com, it will tell you how the name originated! :D I would copy and paste, but it'd make for a really long comment.

Happymama said...

LOL, we'll be looking for the baby pics!!!


Nikki said...

aww, what a cute KITTY! My Leah Rose (almost 3) is telling EVERY one that she is getting a kitty! I'm sure her Daddy will cave when he gets home!

Mrs.B. said...

What a sweet picture! Such a hugable kitty!

Christine said...

How precious! I would say it is dangerous to block an expecting mama's toilet!

Arlene said...

Tammy, thanks for the tip; I don't know why I didn't think of looking it up online, LOL! I'll do that right now!
Kristi, only 6 more months to go, and the wait will be over! :P
Nikki, I think I was about 3 when we got "my" first kitty, and I still remember him very well. If I hadn't had Abby while Nathan was TDY last year, I wouldn't have slept at all! :~)
Mrs. B, she is huggable... well, when she's in the mood for snuggling! :P You know how cats can be sometimes
Christine, LOL! Normally that would be true, but thankfully, the morning sickness has seemed to pass! PTL! Of course, my bladder seems to be shrinking, so Abby does get kicked off the toilet regularly, LOL! :P