I actually had fun

Yesterday, My Airman actually came home before 6:30!!! I was completely surprised when I heard the doorbell ring while I was making dinner (it's been really hot, so I've been propping the front door open, but locking the screen door so that we can get a breeze, but still maintain our privacy and protection). I was even more surprised when I saw my husband at the door! Some of the men in upper management told the shop that from now on, their duty hours would be from 0600-1500 and they would be getting a 1 hour lunch break every day (except for exercises, of course) with no problems... Period. I believe the first words out of my mouth were, "Mmmmmm-hmmmm." And, wouldn't you know it? I was right; he has been working since then, every day after 6... but I digress! Yesterday was a good day! Granted, he didn't get his 1 hour lunch break, and he still got off after 3, but 4:15 is so much better than having him come home at 6:50! :o)

Anyway, I was wearing a white polo shirt and when my honey came in, the first thing he said was, "Hmmm... that's a nice golfing shirt." Of course, that's statement is really a question in sentence form: "Honey, will you please, please, please, please go golfing with me? I haven't gone in a while, and you keep saying that someday you'll come, and since it's such nice weather outside, and you're already dressed for the occasion, it would be so great if we could go!" Really, that's what he was trying to say! ;o) I finally gave in and said we could go golfing, but I wanted to eat first, since dinner was almost ready and I was starving!

We didn't have to make a tee time for golf, as the evening wasn't too busy. The only not so great part of the evening was that we had to walk all 9 holes, because we weren't able to rent a cart. :o( They stopped renting them out at 5, and we arrived, like, 5:02! Oh, well; it was good exercise, that's for sure!

At one point, we stopped near a water trap (no, we didn't lose his golf ball in it :o) LOL), and we were able to see a ton of tiny frogs swimming around in the water. My Airman stuck his club down toward the water's surface, and one of the little froggies jumped up on it. I'm so upset with myself for leaving the camera at home, because that would have been a cool picture! I had every intention of bringing the camera, but I forgot it as we were heading out the door. :o( Toward the end of the game, as we were on the 7th hole, it really started to get dark, and it was hard to keep track of where he had hit the ball. :-S By the 9th tee, we could hardly see a thing, so my honey hit the ball blindly, hoping it was somewhere near the hole, LOL (it was).

Even though I didn't golf (yeah, I don't think I ever will either! I can't even do the mini-golf, no way am I trying the "real thing!"), I did keep score, and we had a lot of fun together, just walking and talking along the way. It served as a great reminder for all of the reasons I love my husband so much, and I'm glad we were able to go. It was so much fun to enjoy each other's company... made me feel like we were courting all over again. :o) Another plus is that our date was free (since on our anniversary I had given My Airman a pass for 5 rounds of golf), so it went well with our recent budget stretching. :o) We finished our summer date with a two-scoop sundae from Baskin Robbins... somewhat expensive, but since we had saved on everything else, we figured we could splurge a little! ;o)


Happymama said...

It sounds like y'all had a wonderful date!

And when you become bummed that you have left the house and forgotten your camera, you have become a TRUE BLOGGER! :)


Arlene said...

LOL, Kristi! Nathan always teases me when I ask him to grab the camera "Lemme guess... you want a picture for your blog, right?" Glad to know I have arrived as a blogger :P

abrightnewdawn said...

Good for you!! Keep that up. So many women forget once they get married to enjoy things TOGETHER with their husbands, and share some interests. Very sweet.

Samantha said...

My husband is a golfer as well. It's gotten to the point where I know when he's going to want to go golfing based the goofy grin he has on his face when he walks through the door.

That's wonderful that you enjoy each other's company so much! It makes marriage all the more blessed when you are married to your best friend. In Christ,

Arlene said...

Samantha, my husband has the same goofy grin. I think it must be universal for men, LOL :P Yes, haven't you heard the saying? "Happiness is being married to your best friend" It's so much fun, don't you think? :~)