Married Life

My husband is one of the deepest sleepers you will ever meet. Every morning, I tell Nathan about what happened while he was asleep and he has absolutely no recollection of the incidents!

I remember shortly after we were first married, I was sound asleep, and I was awakened abruptly as my pillow was being pulled out directly from under my head! The side of my face hit the mattress with a resounding *thwack*

I then looked over while my dear, sweet husband situated himself comfortably on the stolen artifact! Of course, I spoke to him as calmly and lovingly as possible -- "HEY!!!! THAT'S

He returned the item in question and bewilderingly asked, "But... where's my pillow?" Of course, it had been knocked to the floor sometime during his REM cycle. :P I couldn't be upset with him after that; he looked like a little puppy who'd lost his bone, LOL. I had hoped the incident would remain isolated, but alas, it was the first of many times!

It has been amazingly hot in the evenings, so I haven't been sleeping well at all. Wouldn't you know it, the pillow thief decided to strike again! This time, though, I was already wide awake; I was ready for him! Before the pillow moved an inch, I grabbed it firmly with both hands and said, "Honey, that's not your pillow."

He groped around sleepily for his own, found it, and promptly went back to sleep. Most times, when he reaches for my pillow, I've learned to just pull at my own, find his, and hand it to him. Surprisingly, he is able to make the transaction without ever waking up. (though I don't know why I'm so surprised, as we have conversations in his sleep, as well... those are extremely funny to tell; I'll have to tell you about them sometime) ;o)

*sigh* Don't you just love married life? :o)


Nikki said...

That is too funny! My husband is a very sound sleeper also. He doesn't move near that much though. I will say that he has taken MY covers though....MANY times!

Mrs.B. said...

Too Funny!

Jessica said...

hey! In one of those sleepy conversations...ask him who his favorite sister is! ;p ha ha :D :D just joking!

Happymama said...

Yes, I love married life. Marriage is wonderful. That's funny that your Nathan always wants to steal your pillow. Before my Bruce worked third, he would wake up in the middle of a dream and be acting it out. It was hilarious. Ahhhh, I miss those nights. LOL


Amy said...

LOL! I'm the deep sleeper in our family (and the sleep talker), while my poor husband hears everything. The advantage is that when the kids are up in the night, he just gets up and takes care of it while I continue sleeping peacefully :)

Once, as a teenager, two drunk men were banging on my bedroom window and yelling. My parents woke up and called the police, hands shaking and butcher knife in hand. LOL! I slept through the whole thing and had no clue!!

Arlene said...

Nikki, I think my husband tries to be equal -- some nights he steals my pillow, other nights it's the covers... some nights it's both! LOL, gotta love them, right? ;o)
Mrs. B, yes, I've learned to think it's funny now... though I didn't always think so when we first got married and I discovered this trait, LOL!
Jess, I think if I asked him that, he might say Penny is his favorite sister. ;o) I have asked him all sorts of things during those sleepy conversations. Unfortunately, I never really get anything juicy out of him; maybe we can give it a try when you come visit, LOL!!!
Oh, goodness, Kristi! I hope none of his dreams were of fights, LOL! A friend of mine, her husband is military also. After he finished going through some fight training (just before he went on a TDY to Iraq), he dreamt he was in combat with some Iraqi soldiers... only thing was, when he awoke, he had his wife's leg in his hand, as he was trying to break it! Thankfully, they both awoke before any real damage was done, LOL!
LOL, Amy, that is crazy! I can't believe you didn't wake up at all!!! But, then again, my husband is the same way, and I imagine he would have slept through the whole ordeal as well! :P

Mrs. Melody said...

LOL great pillow post. My dh too is a heavy sleeper and a pillow stealer. I have learened in 13 years (as of the 26th of this month) to just get another pillow that I keep handy. :) I can have whole conversations with him and he never remembers.

One night he was dreaming (he was slayig a dragon - no more knight movies before bed for him!) and he woke me with his hand inches from my face. He was "slaying the dragon" and in his dream he was holding a sword and stabbing downward. I still wonder if that means he thinks I am a dragon.... lol

I am really enjoying your blog. :)

Arlene said...

LOL, I was laughing for a good minute when I read your comment! It is so much fun to be married, isn't it? :~)

Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment, Mrs. Melody! :P