Missing my husband

*sigh* I miss my hubby :o( Even though there isn't an exercise going on right now, my husband is still at work... his job isn't supposed to be on twelve hour shifts, so it's really frustrating that he has been working such long hours for the past few months. I know he's staying late only because of his new supervisor, who thinks that things must be done a certain way, when the old way was just fine -- in fact, it was better than this "new" way of doing things, much more efficient. Several of the guys in the shop have tried talking with Sgt., but he just doesn't seem to "get" what any of them are saying. Either that, or he doesn't care to be home with his family, so he thinks everyone should be at work all day. I'm thinking the latter is part of it, because my airman has told me how many weekends Sgt. S spends at the office. I just don't understand why a man wouldn't want to spend time at home. That makes me even sadder because I begin to wonder what his home life must be like in order for him to prefer staying extra hours at work, rather than heading home as soon as possible.

I realize Sgt. is new to the base and to this position, but an effective supervisor would take into account the original system of how things worked and make changes accordingly... he would change things to work for both the job and the workers. That's what I would think, at least. What makes things worse is that My Airman was working fourteen hour shifts for part of the past week and a half, and I am almost positive the upper management is saying, "Well, this is a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, they don't need to get off early..."

Y'all must think I just have the most horrible attitude toward my husband's work and his supervisors, but I promise it's not without just cause. My husband is a hard worker (in fact, that's one thing I have always appreciated about him.); he is not afraid of getting dirty or breaking a sweat. My man is also a smart worker; he knows when things are necessary, and when they're just time-wasters.

I know that someday, Lord-willing if we stay in the AF, he will make a good supervisor in his career field, because he knows how to listen to others, and he knows how to make things work... in a timely manner. He also understands that certain things need to be done immediately because they are mission-essential. In those cases, he would willingly work late because he would comprehend the necessity of the task before him. He also realizes that other duties have a lower priority and can certainly wait until the next day; again showing good management skills.

Okay, so this has ended up partially a venting post and a bragging post. I'm done now.

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reno said...

Hi there !

Very happy to visit your blog !

Greetings from Brussels.


Lau- said...

When on earth did you start sayin y'all!!??! ahah... that is definitely not a "arlene" word.. hmmm, interesting. You know you love it when I say "hmm, interesting" hehe. Well, that just caught my attention :) Love you!

Happymama said...

Arlene, you go ahead and vent, honey. It always makes me feel better to get things like that off my chest. LOL We'll pray for ya! :) I've felt these same sentiments when hubby was working 12 hours at his former job. Just no family time at all. And when he came home he was so exhausted. But I tried never to complain to him about it. For one thing, he felt bad enough the way it was and for another thing, I didn't want my words stirring up any more feelings toward his supervisors or his job that he wasn't already having. I just always greeted him (and still do) with a big smile and an even bigger hug and kiss, making most of the day we have left together without talking about his hours and job. Which you probably do the same thing.

Mrs.B. said...

*sigh* it's everywhere now Arlene, I'm sad to say.

My husband got a promotion not too long ago but has not been allowed to hire someone to take his old postition so he is doing two jobs. He works LONG hours.....neither of us like it but at this point we have no choice.

It seems like most companies don't really care about time with family anymore and with the world being pretty much open 24 hours a day it's even more fast paced than ever.

So I can totally relate to what you're saying......I hope things get better for you all soon. (o:

Amy said...

You don't have a horrible attitude at all! There is nothing worse than working for a bad boss. Trust me, we know from personal experience :) I think that in the army it's even worse, as I've heard stories from my sister who is married to an army man. This too shall pass......

ROANNE said...

i know a tech sergeant in dan's shop like that. this guy seriously comes to work hours before his shift starts and stays hours after it ends. it's kind sad, really. dan and i wonder if he doesn't like his family or spending time with them. =[

but, on the other hand...i hope things at nathan's shops gets better soon.

Adele said...

I hope Nathan can work his regular hours soon and hopefully get some rest too. Maybe once this man gets settled in a little more and feels more at ease in his position, he'll lighten up (on himself and his workers!).

Arlene said...

What would I do without my blogging friends to cheer me up? :~) Thanks for all the encouragement and sweet comments, Ladies!