More on married life :)

Since my last post "complained" about my husband, I figured I should balance things out with a post about his good qualities :P Just so you don't get a wrong idea about him, you know ;o)

Throughout this pregnancy (and long before that, too), my sweet hubby has put up with many, many things... I am a complete weirdo, in case you didn't know. From my complaining about weight gain, aches, temperature, and now cravings. I haven't really experienced bad cravings so far, but they recently hit full force! Friday been a long, busy day, and after having been out running errands, grocery shopping, and doing a number of other things after Nathan got off of work, we were really tired when we came home.

I still had a horrible headache that had carried over from Thursday evening (I decided it meant it would rain... hard; and I was right), so the first thing I did was head straight for the bed. Nathan was sitting close by, looking up information about our new base on the internet... it was then that I decided I had to have a Robin Hood sandwich. Of course, it was exactly eight o'clock, and -- wouldn't you know it? -- they were closing right then. Usually, my cravings will pass after a few minutes.

But not Friday.

This time, I wanted my sandwich, and I was seriously wanting to cry because I knew I couldn't have it until 5pm Saturday... and I didn't want to wait that long!

The amazing man that I married said, "Well... I know you want a Robin Hood, but do you think a Nathan will do?" So, he listened carefully and dutifully repeated my "order."

I wanted wheat bread, a glob of mayo, slice of tomato, piece of ham, 1 slice swiss cheese, pickles, another tomato slice, a few lettuce leaves, another glob of mayo, and the second slice of bread. In that order, and not mixed up, LOL!

Why I wanted it that way, I have no idea.

I'm usually not picky about the order of my sandwich, but today I just wanted it that way.

He didn't complain at all (well, he whispered to the baby, "Do you hear what your mother is making me do?" :P LOL)... and as if his making the sandwich wasn't wonderful enough -- he set it up on one of our nice bed table trays, complete with an ice cold glass of milk, scoop of dessert, a fork on a folded napkin, and a flower in a vase.

(We didn't have any fresh flowers on hand, so Nathan utilized some flowers from one of the arrangements in the living room. At least he was being resourceful, LOL. Oh, and please excuse the wrinkled bed sheet! I sat down to eat, and then decided I wanted a picture. :P)
He also woke up first on Sunday morning, and made a lovely "broken omelet." Well, that's what I call it, when you try to make the omelet, but there's just too much stuff in it or it breaks for some other reason, and it ends up more like scrambled eggs with sauteed veggies. Still yummy either way, right? :o) (No, I didn't take a picture of that one, because I just don't think y'all want to see me when I first wake up, LOL!)

*sigh* I love My Airman!


Tammy said...

Awwwww...how sweet! :)

Adele said...

You mentioned your "new base". Does that mean you know where you will be going in 2007? Maybe I missed it somewhere in another blog.

I'm glad Nathan is such a caring and thoughtful husband. He must be so pleased that you brag on him!

Mrs.B. said...

That's so nice! What a sweet husband. (o:

And you're right, it's good to praise your husband to other people. When discussing mine I always think first....'Would I want Mr.B to share something like this about me?' If it passes that test, then I share it. (o:

Amy said...

Aaaaaaawwww! Sounds like you've got a winner!

Nikki said...

SO Sweet!!!!

My husband made MANY night runs to the local Toca John's when I was pregnant with Jake. I had to have their potato rounds with cheese sauce dip!


Arlene said...

Ladies, you're right; he is a sweet husband, and definitely a keeper!

Mrs. B, I like that "test" you have; I love hearing words of wisdom (especially from you), so keep it coming! :~)

Nikki, mmmmm, that is sounding good... of course, we don't have a TJ around here, so... maybe once we're in the States I can try it out! :P

Jessica said...

he he he he....I'm going to be able to see you first thing in the morning ... but I won't take a picture. I sleep "almost" as soundly as Nathan, and I wouldn't want an image of me sleeping to be posted! :P

Arlene said...

LOL, I'm glad we cleared this up before your visit. ;o)