Oops, I forgot

I thought I should post the book from where I got my cowboy cookie recipe. In case the picture isn't clear enough, the book is called, "Christmas at Home: Homemade Christmas Cookies." As you can see by all my little yellow stickies, there are just a few recipes I plan to try out! LOL :o)

I ordered the book from Current Catalog (a fantastic site with great prices and cute stuff!) just before I was married (I think. I forget now...). I do know that I ordered two copies; one for me, and one for my best friend, Laura. I think there was a "buy one, get one free" deal or something. Anyway, all that to say, order your own copy, because I know that won't post every recipe on here! ;o)


Happymama said...

Hey. I checked out Current Catalog before commenting and wanted to say THANKS! I've already found some great gifts for the kid's Sunday School teachers and patch and SIGMA workers. :)


Roanne Hardin said...

wanna talk about the military being a small world? well, a friend of mine, aaron curtis, he's POL he's about to pcs to misawa, japan! he used to live down the hall from me when i lived in the dorms. but, now he's moving and going to be working with your husband. small world, huh?

Arlene said...

See, told you it was a good site, Kristi!
Wow, Roanne, how weird is that? You'll have to email his name so that I can tell Nathan and see when he comes in :)

Arlene said...

Oops, so I just realized you wrote his name already. LOL, I promise I'm not illiterate... just blind! :P