Shopping help?

I have always been very petite and slender. Many people think I must be anorexic or bullemic, as there is "no way" I could naturally be so skinny. Quite often, the first thing I hear when meeting new people is, "Oh, goodness, you're tiny!"

Now, I'm not trying to brag or whatever, so please don't think that about me. Honestly, my thinness has been a continual struggle for me, as it's difficult to find clothing that fits. I always thought that getting bigger would be a great thing, and the world of clothing would open itself up to me. Well, since becoming pregnant, I've found out it really hasn't made a difference at all. Granted, I haven't gained that much weight yet, but considering the fact that I can't fit into almost half of my clothing (the only things I can wear are the skirts and tops that were much too big for me before I was pregnant... this is the one time I'm thankful they never fit, lol!), it is a big source of frustration at the moment.

Hence the reason I'm posting this blog.

I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of stores that sell maternity clothing to smaller-sized women??? I guess I should say that I normally wear a size 2. As I said, I can still fit into most of the skirts that were that size because it was a little big for me. I've bought a few skirts that were a little larger (Japanese sizes though, which are still smaller than an American size 4), but can only wear them for so long. I've found that elastic skirts work better, as they don't dig in as much.

My concern is that I won't be able to continue buying the next size up, as they're just not comfortable! I think I need some skirts with maternity panels... soon! I tried on some skirts and dresses in the BX, but even the small was much too big. (And low! Why does every clothing designer think that pregnant women want to show their cleavage?!)

I'm hoping some of my blogger friends can help!!! I've found that Old Navy sells some extra small sizes, so I'm going to be looking more into that shortly. They're more in our budget anyway, so that will be good. The only thing is that they mostly sell casual skirts, and I've been wanting to find some floral dresses/skirts...

I would appreciate any help, sites, and even (affordable) seamstresses you can find!


Tammy said...

I've heard that you can get custom sewing done for a good price in Japan. Maybe you can find a seamstress that would help you out.

Amy said...

I used to wear a lot of dresses with an "empire" waist style. They weren't maternity dresses but they fit me right through to my deliveries. Since the waist is up high, under the bust, there's nothing tight around your tummy and lots of room to grow.

Rachel said...

Arlene---I just found your blog and have enjoyed browsing through your entries. :) So neat that you live in Japan...I love reading about Americans who live in other countries!

Happymama said...

Gap has a maturnity skirt for 14.99 and some maturnity tops under 4.00. If you go to www.gap.com and then click "clearance" under the department listings, you'll find them. If I come across anything else, I'll let you know.


Arlene said...

That might be true about seamstresses in Japan... the only problem is that most near military bases tend to raise their prices :-S I think they figure that Americans in the military must have money, lol. There are some women in our church who sew, though, so maybe one of them has a pattern that will work for me! Thanks for the advice!

I'll have to keep my eye out for any empire waisted dresses that might fit. I didn't think about that; thanks!

Thanks for your sweet comment. I think I'll pop over and say hello on your blog, as well! :~)

Thanks for the heads up about Gap; I really appreciate it. I'll head over there as soon as I log off! :~)

Nikki said...

I have been reading your blog off and on for about a week now. My husband is in the Army and we had some friends stationed where you are now. They have since moved to Alaska though.

When I got pregnant with my first I was very tiny also. Maybe try Motherhood. It's in most malls but you can also find them online at www.motherhood.com There is alot of not so modest clothes but they do have skirts and dresses.

Arlene said...

Thanks for the tip on the site! I visited it this morning, and found several things I'd like to order! I can't wait until we're in the States, and I can actually shop in the stores in person! :o)

How long will your husband be away? Nathan was in Afghanistan for 4 months, and I nearly lost my mind, LOL! I hope all is well with you and your family during the separation. :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and love it! This post was from a while a go but thought you might still be looking for some clothing. I would recommend this seamstress:



Arlene said...

Bethany, thanks for the link! I like what Jen has on her site, so I'm going to email her and see if she can work with me on some items. She has some cute stuff! Thanks!!!