Yo quiero mi querido

So, in case you're wondering, my title means, "I love my beloved." Bet y'all didn't know that I am bilingual! Okay, I'm not really. I did take Spanish during my senior year of high school, and I got an A+ on my final exam, thank you very much. But, I digress, as usual. ;o)

Nathan had a terrible day at work yesterday, and he came home extremely upset about everything. Evidently, during the morning briefing, one of his supervisors (the one everyone calls "Fidel") said that the maintenance shop (where Nathan works) wasn't pulling their weight and had been slacking off.

I have to say, if there's one thing that irritates my airman, it's laziness. He has always been a hard worker, and loves to do any sort of work that involves his hands. So, for TSgt to say that maintenance hadn't been giving their best -- when they worked 12 hours shifts last week, and have been putting in 10-11 hour shifts this week -- well, it didn't go over very well at all. It was a mean-spirited blow to his shop, and again did nothing to promote morale at all! *sigh*

All the more reason Nathan is ready to leave this base, and start over at our next one.

Well, I wasn't just going to let my man come home and be in a slump, so I changed my dinner plans and decided to take him out and surprise him!

After he vented about work I told him to take a shower and get dressed, because I was going to "kidnap" him. (Hmmm...should I change that to husband-nap? Wait, that's what happens on Sunday afternoons... okay, okay, I'm corny!) That of course, perked him right up! It also made him ask a million questions about where we were going -- was the restaurant on-base? Off-base? Italian? Japanese? I finally got him to quit asking questions and hop in the shower while I touched up my makeup and slipped on my shoes.

Once in the car, I made him promise to keep his eyes closed while I drove(I was going to cover his eyes with some sleep-blinders I have, but he wasn't very keen on that idea LOL). Now, the restaurant I had in mind is very close to our house, so I had to go in circles, drive in parking lots, and make all sorts of random turns just to throw Nathan off. I did so well, and he had absolutely no idea where we were!

I was quite pleased with myself. :P

And then... we pulled into the parking lot, and just before I had him open his eyes he says, "We're at the Mexican restaurant, aren't we?"

I was shocked, to put it mildly!

"What?! No, what makes you think that?"

He grins smugly and, with eyes still closed, he tells me, "I heard someone hit a golf ball."

The restaurant is located next to the golf course, but I didn't think about needing to drive with the windows closed! Grrrrr! Oh, well. I'll have to remember to be more careful of possible sound-giveaways for next time I try to surprise him. :o) Because, as Kristi (and everyone else) keeps reminding me, it is vitally important for us to maintain our relationship -- especially after the baby is born. We've been trying to get more in the habit of taking nights out together, and last night was a fun way to do that.

Even though the surprise was "ruined," we had a great time. It was exactly what Nathan needed to unwind after a hard day of work, and I'm glad we were able to go out. Interestingly enough, one of his co-workers waits tables part-time at the restaurant, and he turned out to be our server for the evening. Nathan enjoyed it because the man is a Ssgt, so he teasingly said, "I get to order you around for once!" ;o)

Speaking of orders, I had the night's special, which was a garlic strip steak, with a side of grilled vegetables, refried beans, and Spanish rice. Nathan ordered a chicken chimichanga with similar sides. We shared a few bites of each other's meal, as is our "tradition;" his was too salty for me, while mine wasn't flavorful enough for him. Thankfully, we each liked our own meals, so it worked out nicely. :o)

This morning while Nathan showered for work, I sliced up my leftover steak, sauteed it along with some mushrooms, and scrambled some eggs to go complete the "manly" breakfast. I think it was a nice way to remind him of the fun we had last night, and he seemed to enjoy it because of that. Unfortunately, Nathan's not bilingual like me ;o) but if he were, I'm sure he would have said that everything was "excellente y muy delicioso!"


Happymama said...

OH, what a sweet wife you are. I know that Nathan feels that he is a very fortunate man to have a good wife.

Proverbs 18:22!!


Tammy said...

What a sweet thing to do!

Mrs.B. said...

You're so sweet!!! I was going 'Awww' the whole time I was reading! (o:

Rebecca said...

What a nice thing to do!

Arlene said...

Thank you for the kind words of encouragment, Ladies! :o) Y'all are so sweet! :P

Adele said...

Can you come to my house and cook breakfast? Jason would love that!

Arlene said...

LOL, I'm not so sure I can make Cream of Wheat the way he likes it... isn't that your specialty?! ;o)