And so it begins...

Well, it is currently 0430, and I am wide awake!!!

Last night (this morning, I guess), I was having a terrible dream about some stomach pains. They felt excruciatingly real, and I was convinced that I was dying. In my dream, another woman in our church was having the exact same problems, so I just knew that I wasn't having plain, old morning sickness! No way! It had to be more serious than that, and I was very adamant about it with the ER workers. Finally, the doctors gave me (and her) a diagnosis of fibrosis cystism (what??? lol). Just after the doctor finished giving me my test results, I woke up completely... sadly enough, the pains didn't go away with the dream, and the diagnosis was definitely wrong.

I have been having these same feelings the past few days, but almost immediately I would lie down, eventually fall asleep, and once I awakened, the pains were gone. I figured that would be the worst of things, and decided I could live with a "forced nap" every once in a while. I really thought that I would be one of the "lucky" ones with this pregnancy. Guess I spoke too soon.

So, yeah... I was spending some quality time with my new friend, memorizing every twist and curve, learning how cold porcelain is at 3 in the morning, knowing more intimately the inner workings of my toilet... oh, the joys of pregnancy, LOL :P

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