Baby talk

On Sunday, My Airman surprised me with a gift. We were walking through the BX, killing some time while waiting for his turn to get a haircut. After walking around for a bit, my hubby said he was going to check what number was up, and told me to wait in line to buy our items. I made it through the line and he still hadn't returned, so I figured his number had been called. As I was making my way to the barber shop, I saw my husband rush out of the bookstore. When he saw me, he hid something behind his back, so my interest was piqued! :o) After a minute of coaxing, he finally brought his hands out and handed me a book of baby names. I know we have names picked out already, but I have been wanting a book for the longest time anyway. I just like looking through the book and seeing what names mean. It was really sweet because I know the book wasn't necessary, and he didn't want to purchase one... but he bought it even so... just because I wanted it.

The day after I wrote my last post about the baby moving, My Airman finally felt something. :o) It was just a little kick, and at first, he wasn't sure what he was feeling. But he waited a moment longer and realized he was really feeling the baby move. He was so excited; it was just too cute! :P

He didn't feel anything else for a while, but last night, he felt the baby move again -- a lot! We were lying on the couch, finishing up watching The Wi*ld (it's kind of a cross between Mad*g*scar and The Li*n Ki*ng. There were a few funny parts, but it wasn't overly impressive to either of us.) Anyway, I had my head resting on one arm of the couch, and My Airman's feet were propped up on the other end of the couch, with his head resting on my side. While the credits were rolling, he leaned his head over to rest on my belly. The baby tends to move the most when I'm sitting still or lying down (although, maybe the baby moves much more, and I only feel it moving when I'm still), so during the movie, Baby C was doing somersaults (well, that's what it felt like). After a minute, my honey raised his head and said, "Wow, I feel that! He's going crazy in there!" (My Airman switches back and forth between saying he or she... though he tends to say "he" more often :P I tell him it's just wishful thinking, because this baby is a girl! ;o) LOL, we'll see)

It's so neat to see my husband enjoy this pregnancy and "interact" with the baby even though he/she isn't here yet. I love when he "talks" to the baby and tells him/her how much he loves him/her, or how excited he is that he/she is coming. (Man... I can't wait to find out what this baby is, because I'm tired of typing "him/her/he/she" all the time! LOL )

It's so sweet, and melts my heart every time. My Airman's already such a wonderful husband -- more than I could have ever hoped or asked for -- and I just know he's going to be a fantastic father! :o)


Happymama said...

Arlene, y'all remind me of Bruce and me when we were in Germany expecting our first baby. He bought me a baby name book from the BX bookstore too.

And, Nathan finally got a surprise over on you. LOL :)


Susan said...

Hi . . . I don't remember how I got here, but I liked it so I stayed! ;) I just wanted to say you'll feel your baby move more when you're still. I think mine all slept when I was up and moving around, so when I got still, they thought it was time to wake up. The most fun we had was when we would lie in bed and feel the baby move. I would snuggle up to my husband's back and the baby would kick and push against him - very sweet memories! He says all he remembers is hanging on for dear life on the edge of the bed! ;)