Being sick and 4 weeks to go...

I hate being sick.

It's truly one of the most annoying things ever!

I think I only hate it more right now because My Airman's not around to take care of me. He is far, far away, serving our country in a different land. Which means he's not here. With me. And so, I have to get my own medicine (not that I'm taking any, even though he keeps telling me I should), tissues, and drinks.

It makes me miss my honey, because he was always so good about taking care of me...

We have about four more weeks until he can get on a plane heading home... I sincerely hope it doesn't take him as long to get home as it did for him to get there! With everything going on for Christmas, I have been able to keep pretty busy, and I'm glad for that. It helps the time to pass more quickly. I think that after Christmas is over, though, time will probably start to drag a little more. :(

That's okay, because it will all be worth it when he is finally home where he belongs!!! :~)

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