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I just realized that I haven't posted a blog since Nathan came home! Last Saturday, we had a bunch of really good friends over for a "combination celebration" (like that name? I came up with it myself, lol). Nathan missed so many holidays while he was away (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and even his own birthday!), and I wanted to make that up to him.

I was cooking for almost two days straight, and my legs were tired from standing over the stove all day, lol! I made a turkey (my first one EVER!! I didn't burn it, either, woo hoo!), gravy, baked ham, twice baked potato casserole, bacon and green bean wraps, homemade stuffing (not your regular stove top, lol). Jenny brought sweet tea, rolls, and her oh-so-yummy macaroni and cheese (the best in the world!!). For desserts, I baked a pumpkin pie (I had to make it, because it's Nathan's favorite), pumpkin roll, apple crisp, brownies, and my friend Katie brought some oatmeal raisin cookies. What a spread, huh?! Boy, we were all sooooo stuffed afterward! Thankfully, I had used paper plates and done most of the cooking the day before, so there wasn't much clean up to do after everyone left.

It was somewhat of a bittersweet get-together. I was glad that we could have everyone over, because it meant that Nathan was home and we were finally together. Yet, at the same time, I was saddened, because it reminded me of how soon Laura and Brandon will be PCSing. I sat next to Laura during the meal, and we had such fun just talking and laughing together... I can't believe that in five days she will be leaving me... She's left before, of course, for visits with other friends and her family, but this time is different. This time, she's leaving for good. I think there is a very good possibility that I'll cry more than I did when Nathan left for TDY! Just thinking about it makes me teary-eyed.

Yesterday, Nathan and I went over to Laura and Brandon's to pick up a few things; they're moving out of their house today and heading over to billeting. When Nathan and I finally left and got into the elevator, he turned to me and softly said, "This is the last time you'll come over for a visit, huh?" I just about bawled when he said that! I'm going to change the subject now before I really do start crying!!!

I have good news -- Nathan will be putting on rank next week! Yay! An A1C no longer!!! Can we say payraise? hehehe I have to remember to take a picture of his nameplate by the front door before we pick up his new rank. We took some of his uniforms in to alterations to get his new stripe sewn on, so we'll be picking those up today.

In other news, next week -- the day he makes rank! -- will be the one year anniversary of when Nathan and I officially began courting!! Our wedding anniversary won't be until May, of course, but this is still a big mark for us. I really can't believe it's been a year! Yesterday Nathan commented that everything seems to happen in four month increments for us. We were best friends for about four months before we started courting, we were courting/engaged for almost four months before getting married, we were married for four months before he was deployed... I just wonder what will happen after he's been home for four months? We'll see........

Rachael Ray made this really yummy-looking "not-sagna" pasta toss (a wayyyy easier version of Lasagna), and I was thinking of trying it out tonight; maybe I'll let you know how it turns out. :~) So, I just realized how long this post is; I should have split it up into two separate blogs. Oh, well. Sorry if you got lost somewhere in those ramblings, lol. I'm going to get ready for the day now.

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