Come and see

Happy Resurrection Day!

I can't believe it's Easter. I mean, I've known for quite some time that it was coming, of course. But still, it somehow sneaked up on me... ultimately, it's my fault. I was so busy running around doing errands, cleaning up, working here, stopping there... I didn't take the time to notice the importance of what is being celebrated until it had finally arrived. I was disappointed with myself when I realized how little I thought of today's significance. I'm sure I wasn't the only one, either. I can only imagine how the Lord must have felt. Why is it that we often fail to take notice of the Lord's Day right up until the very last minute -- right up until we walk through those front doors and seat ourselves in the pews?

Today we had our Easter cantata. We performed a program entitled, "The Bread of Heaven." The choir sang, while a few members of our church (Andrew, Liz, and Patrick -- they did such a good job!!!!) gave a little narrative. I had heard them read their lines several times during practice, of course, so I wasn't surprised at what they said. In fact, I have many of the lines memorized, because I've heard the play before. But today . . . it was different. Today, when Andrew spoke about the crucifixion, I found myself overwhelmed with a renewed realization of the precious gift we have been given. When he talked of what it must have been like to look upon the battered, bruised, bleeding face of Jesus as He hung upon that cross, seeing only LOVE in His eyes -- Not hate. Not even anger. But love... love in its highest, purest form -- I couldn't stop the tears from welling up in my eyes. It was difficult to sing the next song, and I had to stop for a portion of it, because I was just filled to the brim with tears of gratitude over what Christ had done for me (for everyone, actually).

I was feeling a myriad of emotions today: happiness and peace in knowing that because of Christ's sacrifice, we can have eternal life in Heaven. Sadness and shame in realizing that I, more often than not, take this gift for granted. Having been raised in a Christian home for almost all of my life, I've found it is very easy to be nonchalant about "the basics" of Christianity. Yet, it should never be so!

After the cantata, Pastor preached a sermon on the proofs of the resurrection. I wrote come and see as my subject, because the main text of Pastor's sermon was from Matthew 28. I like how the angel said, "Come, see the place where the Lord lay." Notice that's past tense -- He doesn't lay there anymore, because He is risen! I won't even try to re-preach the sermon here, lol (we don't agree with having women preachers anyway, hahaha).

Anyway, I just thought I would get some of my thoughts out, since they've been on my heart for a few hours now. During the invitation call, I told the Lord that I don't want to remember what He sacrificed just once a year on Easter; I want to live my life knowing what Christ did for me every minute of every day. Can you imagine what a difference there would be in our lives if we would all live for Him the way He died for us -- lovingly, completely, sacrificially?! How could I say that the few, temporal things I give up here on Earth (tv shows, clothing, movies, music, books, etc) matter in eternity? They don't, really, and I'm working to make more of an effort to remember that thought as I evaluate what needs to be pruned from my life.

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