Getting closer...

Well, Everyone (not that there are a ton of people who read this, lol) I got some good news today!!! My Airman said he received word that his relief is on their way over, and as soon as they arrive, he can board a plane and head back home to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that just the best news ever? Well, not for you, because why would you care? :P But for me that is just FANTASTIC!! There is a very good possibility that he could be home within a week...

I've been telling myself over and over that he won't be able to leave until next Wednesday, and that he won't be home any earlier than two weeks from now. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm trying not to be too optimistic, because I don't want to be too crushed if he doesn't come home as soon as we're hoping. Having said that, however, it's so hard not to be a little excited!!!

It's so weird, though; the other day I was thinking he would never be here, and now I'm rushing around the house trying to make sure I've got everything together for his arrival. I have to finish wrapping his Christmas presents (only two more and I'll be done!), finish all my laundry (well, most of it is his, because he mailed it back), fill up the fridge (I haven't done very much cooking since he left, so it's been empty for a while), and do some general tidying up (I cleaned the bathroom today, but now I have to polish the furniture, dust pictures, mop the kitchen, and straighten up the office).

(Wow, I used a lot of parentheticals up there, lol. )

I really just cannot wait until he is home again!!!!!!! It has been hard having him away for so long. He left just before our 4 month "anniversary" and by the time he comes back, we'll have been married for 8 months! He's actually been away longer than we've been married...
Does that seem weird to anyone else?

Well, such is the life of a military wife. Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway, it's after midnight, I'm tired, and Abby is sleeping in my lap -- all very good indicators that I should have been in bed a while ago, lol. Good night!

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