Have fun together

I have the funniest story ever!!! (well, I think so. Maybe you won't, lol) Anyone who knows My Airman, also knows that he has this tendency to say crazy, random things when he's half asleep or when he's fixin' to wake up. Last night, we were lying on the couch, just talking for a few minutes before we got ready to head to bed. My Airman had gotten to the couch several minutes before me, so he was pretty sleepy by the time I got there. He woke up enough for us to have a decent conversation, and somehow we started talking about dreams.

Well, he began to say something, but then he stopped short.

So I said, "What? What were you going to say?"

He grinned sheepishly, "Well, I was going to say something stupid."

I laughed and told him that he was starting to wear off on me, because I've found myself doing that sleepy-talk-thing recently! I can get away with my stupid sleepy comments, because when I say something, he's either sound asleep and doesn't hear them, or he'll say, "Mmm, huh?" and fall asleep before I have the chance to answer. :P

Mine are never as good and random as his, though. I told him that, and tried to think of a good example of one of my most recent sleepy comments. I thought, and said, "Oh, yeah. My last one was something like, 'I've got to go pick her up at the airport.'" (I think I was dreaming about Laura leaving or something).

His reply? "It's a good thing they did that, because I didn't even know I was a sponsor."

There is always this *pause* after he makes his comment. During this moment of silence, I'm trying to determine what he is talking about, and he is jolted to consciousness. He usually wakes up and realizes what he's just said, and goes, "Ugh, man!" and then it's followed by our laughing together.

Sometimes, if I don't pause too long, I can ask him questions about his comment, and get a whole conversation out of him. :P

But, usually, I am laughing too hard by the third sentence, so he wakes up! Last night, though, his comment was just so... is ironic the word? Talk about perfect timing!

We laughed for a good five minutes about that!! I told him, "I'm not sure we've laughed that hard about anything since we've been married!" I'm trying not to laugh right now, just thinking about it!

*Sigh* I love being married to my wonderful, handsome airman... even if he is a beanhead sometimes. ;o) It's just so much fun! That's one piece of advice that a friend always gave us -- "Have fun together!"

If you're going to spend the rest of your life with someone, you may as well make the best of it and laugh with each other.

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