Let's see... what is there for me to blog about? Hmmm....

As I've mentioned before, My Airman is going on a short (8 day) TDY to Guam. Yes, I know. We should all feel so badly for him. Oh, how dreadful military life can be! ;o)  Imagine -- sending him off to a beautiful island with gorgeous weather... tsk, tsk, tsk. I always ask him if he'll miss me, and although he answers positively, I know he will have WAYYYYY too much fun without me anyway! ;o)

We are still waiting on orders regarding our next base, and haven't heard anything new about our PCS yet. We won't get anything official until about September or so. However, we do know that by March all of us should be Stateside... all three of us!

Yep, in case that wasn't clear enough for you -- we are HAVING A BABY!!!

I went to the OB yesterday for a test and have appointments scheduled in the following weeks. I'm thinking the baby will be due around mid-February, but we don't know anything for sure. I believe I won't find out an "official" due date until the end of June... that will seem like an incredibly long wait, I'm sure! I'm nervous, of course... so many things are running through my head right now (and have been since I found out)... it is just crazy!

So, there it is; our big news. I have been dying to post this, as I've known since MONDAY! But, I had to wait until we were given the hospital confirmation, and of course, we had to tell our family first! (Couldn't have them reading about it in a blog, you know. :P)