I hate phones (okay, not really)

Today was one of the first times since we've been married that Nathan actually SHOT out of bed and got himself ready for work! It was truly amazing to see him moving so quickly, lol!

No, it wasn't because he was late, or anything like that. He was moving so quickly because of the recall... was anyone else's husband recalled today?

Five o'clock in the morning... joy, oh joy.

Well, I shouldn't complain. I mean, I was already awake, and I was just fixin' to feed Abby, and then wake Nathan up.

But, still...

I hate when the phone rings so early in the morning. Even when I'm awake, I just don't like to get calls before seven. I know. I'm messed up. I can't help it, lol!

I was brought up never to call people after 8 PM -- 9 at the latest, and only if they were expecting the call! And, we never called people before 8 AM, again, unless they were waiting for a call.

I like the rule; it's ensures families have time together without interruptions. My best friend used to think it was annoying because she couldn't call me later in the evenings, but now that she's married and has her own family she told me, "Man, that is a good rule!"

I still laugh when I remember that conversation! I should tell my dad about that. I just keep forgetting.

At any rate, it is now 0530, and I'm hungry, but I'm afraid to eat breakfast too early. I don't want to be hungry during the school day... I hate that!

...Hey!!!! Nathan just pulled up in the van! Maybe he doesn't have to be gone all day!!! Or maybe he just forgot something.
ETA: Okay, well, in case anyone was wondering, it was just a squadron recall. So, once Nathan arrived, he signed off and was able to come home. At least it was quick this time.

Now he's eating breakfast; then he'll get ready and head back to work.

You know what? I offered to make him something for breakfast -- anything, actually -- and you know what he asked for? A bowl of cheerios and milk!

That's my husband; easily satisfied. :o)

Works for me; I can't handle high-maintenance people anyway. LOL

I think I'll eat something a little more substantial than cereal, but I'm going to go eat some breakfast now. Hope y'all are having a wonderful day! I know I am now that my husband is here.

Funny how his presence can make such a difference in my attitude. :o)

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