In sickness and in health...

Yesterday, Nathan and I decided to get out of Misawa and head to Towada. There is this mall that opened up while he was TDY, and I decided I would wait until he came back so we could see it together. It was not too long of a drive, and I knew Nathan would want to try out the Kentucky Fried Chicken there (when you come, Jess, we'll take you, lol). Well, he wasn't feeling "100as he always says, but he said he would be fine after a while. It was pretty nice there, actually. I like the food selection at that mall better than the one at Jusco, but I think Jusco has better shopping choices. At any rate, it was still a nice change of pace for us.
On the way home, though, Nathan was not doing too well at all! But, stubborn man that he is, he wouldn't let me drive back to the house! There were a few "close calls" but still, he wouldn't switch seats with me. Oh, well. The Lord protected us, lol; we made it home safely. Anyway, he was laid up on the couch the rest of the afternoon... well, the times that he wasn't leaning over the toilet bowl, that is. My poor baby. I hated seeing him like that, and I couldn't do much for him, either. He kept saying, "I'm sorry I'm being such a baby." And I kept telling him, "I married you so I could take care of you! This is my job, Baby, and I don't mind it one bit! Besides, you're definitely not being a baby, because all you've asked me for is a glass of water!" Plus, good grief, I would have been soooooo much worse than he was -- I would have been the baby, not him, and he would have gone crazy trying to comfort me, lol!
He was all right after a while, and slept soundly during the night. I, on the otherhand, did not! I kept waking up and listening to see if he needed anything. Plus, I had the strangest dreams -- I dreamt that I had gotten up to feed Abby. When I went to the office, though, there was a dead mouse on the floor, and another mouse was running around the room. Boy, I was freaking out in that dream, lol, because it kept biting me in the foot! I don't know why I didn't just jump away from him or something. I hate those kinds of dreams... where you're just completely helpless to stop something, even though you know what you should be doing to avoid it. Grrrrr! Annoying!

Thankfully, when I actually did wake up to feed Abby, there were no mice running around anywhere. I did imagine a few squeaks, I'm sure. I'm such a weirdo; I know. Nathan is feeling much better this morning, I'm happy to say! I guess this stomach thing is going around, though, because my friend Jenny had it the other day, and so did another family in our church. I hope I don't get it next!!!

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