It all runs together...

Do you ever feel that way about the week and weekends? They're always talked about as separate entities, but I have never felt the separation at all! We had a 4 day weekend because of Labor Day, and even though we were busy throughout the entire weekend, it still gave us a bit of a break. I guess it wasn't really a break, but rather, just some much-needed time to spend together.

Friday morning, My Airman went out for a bit of golfing.  Friday evening, my friend and I hosted a Pampered Chef party (which we had planned a month ago). My Airman went over to hang out with my friend's husband, and they grilled some burgers and played video games, of course. A few other men brought their kids over and hung out as well, while the wives chatted, shopped, and ate -- things we do best, of course! ;o)

Saturday, we helped out with the Special Olympics Games for the base. Busloads of Japanese children were there, with at least one person assigned to watch over them. I am so upset that I didn't bring my camera; it was so neat to see these children, who probably don't get to spend much time interacting with Americans (or others, for that matter). They are so innocent, happy, and content -- we could learn a lot from them. Being pregnant made it even more poignant for me, as I thought of just how many people schedule abortions because they discover that their unborn child is less than "perfect." Sad, really...

The only bad part of the day was that the entire event was very unorganized; maybe it just seemed that way to me since I had never taken part in it before. People were running around everywhere, and it took us quite a while to figure out where we were supposed to be helping because no one knew for certain where anyone was assigned to stay.

The other thing that drove me crazy was the music (if you could call it that). I realize it wasn't a Christian event, but some of the songs that were played had some horrible lyrics. Even though I believe that the music itself conveys a message -- not just the lyrics! But, I won't even get started on why I disagree with the Contemporary "Christian" Music movement... another post perhaps, lol -- I would have been able to tolerate the dreadful beat a little bit better if it hadn't been spouting such terrible things.

Sunday after church, we had my parents over for lunch; my mom's birthday was last week, so we had a little celebration and gave my mom a break from cooking, as well. I ordered a few things for her from Pampered Chef, so we just gave her some autumn-y candles for the house, and will give her the rest of her gift when it comes in. She is so excited! :o)

On Monday, we were invited to BBQ with a family in our church; several other families came, as well, and we had a great time of fun, food, and fellowship -- that's what Baptists do best, isn't it? :o) After leaving their house, we went to get the van washed at the gas station outside the main gate. While we were waiting, we walked across the street to the photo studio, and scheduled an appointment to have our pictures taken in kimonos (traditional Japanese dress). I've had these done with my family before my brother left for college, and we wanted to get some done before we PCS. I said we had to do it really soon because my belly's growing, and I will end up looking fat in a kimono if we wait too long, LOL! We're getting them done on Saturday, so we are excited about seeing how they turn out.

I started working on Tuesday, and so far the kindergarteners are doing well. No major issues or problems (so far), and I'm praying it will remain that way! I have 3 in my class, and they are enjoying their video teacher, Mrs. Bere, as well as the classroom setting itself... and they're enjoying me, too, I hope. ;o)

I also had an OB checkup yesterday. Everything's still looking good, and I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat again. I've noticed the difference in speed, and the beat is slowing down now. I've gained almost 10 pounds so far... it's pretty much all in my belly and chest, so that's weird for me. I have to watch where I'm going, as I'm really starting to get a pooch from this baby, LOL! I am running into things all the time; thankfully, I haven't hurt myself or the baby, but I just see it happening at some point down the road!  :P  My hubby couldn't come to my appointment because he wasn't able to get off of work. :o( I've scheduled my ultrasound (28 Sep), so he had better be able to make it to that appointment! :o) When I got home after being out and about running errands all afternoon, there were three messages on the answering machine -- all from my honey, trying to see how my appointment went. Do I have a sweet husband, or what? :o)

I need to get dinner started here in a minute, so I'll end this post for now. Just wanted to let everyone know what was happening in our lives since I hadn't posted in quite a few days. I have more catching up to do on bloglines...


Happymama said...

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. That's nice. Glad to hear that your appointment went well. I know you can't wait for your ultrasound. Have you had one before?


Mrs. C said...

I'm glad you got to spend some extra time with your DH during the long weekend!

Dandelion Seeds said...

This is off topic, but I am writing to let you know that there is a 48 hour prayer chain started for Susan Godfrey (you are on her blog's list of friends). Please spread the word so we can cover this family in prayer.

In Him,

Crystal said...

I saw you were on Susan's friend's list and I wanted to let you know that we are putting together a special encouragement box for the Godfreys. More information is here

Thank you for helping to uphold this dear family.


Arlene said...

I've had one ultrasound before (at 9 weeks), but it was done vaginally, so this next one will be a completely different experience (and probably more comfortable, LOL)!
Mrs. C, I was excited to spend time with my hubby, too! :)
I know, I know... I just can't bring myself to post them, LOL! Soon, I promise!
Crystal and Amy,
Thank you for letting me know about the things you have been organizing. What a blessing this will be to the Godfreys during this time!