It's official!

We're having a girl! LOL, okay, so maybe it's not actually "official-official"; just Lisa-official. For those of you who aren't here and don't know, Lisa is a lady in our church, and she is... well, she's "gifted." Really, I have no idea what the term for her would be...?

Basically, Lisa gets an "inkling" of what a pregnant woman's unborn child is (boy or girl, in case that wasn't clear, lol) and makes her guess. So far she has had 100 percent accuracy for all of the pregnant women in our church. That might not sound impressive, but it is saying a lot considering there are currently 6 pregnant women out of the 12 who have been pregnant within the past year. Wait, is that right? *mentally ticking off names*  I think I am missing some; too many to keep track, lol! Are there even any women left who haven't gotten pregnant??? :P

Anyway, this morning after the service, she and I were talking about the get-together our families are having on Wednesday for Independence Day. All of a sudden, she says, "I've had a revelation!" Of course, I was thinking she was still talking about our plans for the gathering, so I figured she meant she had a new idea for what I could bring or something... okay, so I'm slow! "It's a girl!" she says, and I almost cried for joy! Why? I have absolutely no idea. I'm just over 7 weeks along... it will be months before I could even possibly find out if she's right -- can I blame the pregnancy for that crazy emotional-ness?

Hmmm... should I also blame the baby for the weirdo words I am making up in this blog? Wait, actually, I think I need to blame lack of sleep for that. It is after midnight, and I can't sleep, so that is why I am blogging. I have no idea why; it's not as if this post is of any interest or importance whatsoever. It's just that I can't seem to quit typing. I think I will spare you further boredom and stop myself anyway... really, I will... I am doing it right now... Okay, I'm done!