I know I knew what I was doing when I signed the dotted line and I married my handsome airman... but even so, I sometimes grow quite weary with my life as a military wife. That's not to say that I would trade my lot with anyone else -- because I certainly would not!!! -- I just get a little tired of my husband's absence.

Today is Saturday (the one day we can really sleep in), and would you like to guess what time the alarm clock went off this morning? Nope, that's not it..........................Uh-uh; try again..............Okay, way off there. I'll just tell you and save you the trouble, lol! 0530!!!! (Of course, I didn't need the alarm to wake me, because Abby had already done a fine job at 0502 telling me she needed breakfast. ) From what I understand, just about the entire base is going in to work today, so I'm not alone in my husband-less state -- many other military wives are joining me in my rambling thoughts.

At any rate, he's gone for the day, and I will see him this afternoon. Thankfully, we celebrated my birthday early, so I wasn't completely deprived of his presence. I can't believe I'm 21! If I had to grow older, though, at least My Airman made it special for me... I love my husband! *sigh*

Let me tell you why...

It all started when he came home late (again). I was starting to get a little depressed thinking, "Maybe he won't want to do anything because he'll be so tired from working such a long shift today, and won't want to take a shower and get ready to go..." and also, "What if he forgot? What if he comes home straight from work, and goes, 'It completely slipped my mind, Baby! I'm so sorry!'?"

Well, before you think badly of my husband, he did indeed remember! Just before he came home, I heard a lot of racket out in the hallway. I figured it was our neighbors coming home, because they tend to be a little loud. Anyway, I thought nothing of it, and continued about my business.

After a moment, the scuffling died down. Then, the doorbell rang.

Well, at that point, I knew it was my honey, because he does that everyday when coming home. He's usually carrying so much stuff that he can't quite get his keys out to unlock the door.

When I walked to the door, I expected to see what I see every weekday -- My Airman in his BDUs (or PT gear), his arms loaded with his lunchbox, gortex, bag, and other military paraphernalia. What I saw was my honey -- freshly showered, arms held behind his back, wearing a button-down shirt, dressy jeans, and a boyish grin. I was completely stunned into silence (that's a shock in and of itself, lol!). He took advantage of my speechless state, pulled his arms out from behind his back, and handed me a vase of the most beautifully fragrant pink flowers I've ever seen or smelled!

By this point, some of the shock had worn off, and he handed me a card, as well. But, I was so overwhelmed, that I started to tear up! I think that made him a little nervous!

His face fell somewhat, and he hesitantly asked, "...Are you crying?" but when I gave him a big hug and kiss, he relaxed a bit.

After I finished reading my card, (which made me cry again, lol) My Airman whisked me away to Jusco (the Japanese mall here). There was this shelf that I had been wanting for such a long time, and he kept telling me not to get my hopes up... but, guess what he bought me???

Yep; my shelf! I'm so excited about it!

After getting the shelf home, we changed into something a little dressier, and went out for a nice steak dinner at Magnums (a steak restaurant on-base). He has been promising me we would go there ever since we were courting!

Of course, that didn't work out. We had planned to go after we got married, but we were "poor", because we had just bought two plane tickets to the States, and were paying for the church wedding, lol. Then, we were supposed to go before he deployed, but his leave date was moved up, and we didn't have a chance to get there in time.

Suffice it to say, the dinner was long in coming, and was definitely worth it! Sherry made me a cheesecake, so we finished off our evening with a nice slice of Autumn Apple Cheesecake! Yummmmm!

Anyway, I should get ready for the day now... on top of that, my leftover steak is calling me... I think I'll even scramble some eggs and indulge myself!

Why not? I'm 21.


Samantha said...

That was so sweet! When did the two of you get married anyways?

Arlene said...

Hey, Samantha! We were married last year (may05)... so almost a year and a half ago :)