My 10th grade Bible teacher once told us that he would always love his boys, but because other people wouldn't be so inclined, he and his wife discplined their children and taught them manners. I think this principle of child rearing has been forgotten by many these days. We are often around children who are not taught good behavior, and while the parents love their children... many others do not readily enjoy being around them. How sad that parents think they're doing their children a favor, but are really hindering them.

While working with the children here in school, I come across many poems and stories. When I hear something I really like, I write it down so that I can remember it for future reference -- for example, if we end up homeschooling our child(ren), I might have them learn some of these poems... even if we don't homeschool them, they're just neat little things to help teach children important lessons.

Mrs. Bere read this poem to the children today. It reminded me of my Bible teacher's words, and I thought it was a cute reminder for using good language and manners...

God wants us to be polite
In all we do and say
“Excuse me,” “please,” and “thank you”
Are words we need each day.

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Tammy said...

I really like that thought, about training your children to be pleasant company. When there were just six of us (I'm the oldest of nine), there was a store in town that my mom liked to go in. It was a craft store/gift shop, and had many breakable things in it. However, the lady who owned the shop was always disappointed when my mom didn't bring ALL of us in, and she always told my mom that she'd rather have six of us than one of a lot of other kids that came in the store. Training your children in the way they should go has many benefits, including making them more enjoyable to be around! I don't believe that should be the sole reason to train a child right, but it is a good benefit!

Oh, and I like the poem you posted. =)