May I just say that I LOVE SPRING??? It makes me feel... I don't know... bright... happy... alive... just plain wonderful, really! Isn't it amazing how the weather can affect a person's outlook on life? It hadn't snowed here in weeks, and I started to wonder if maybe, just maybe, spring would come early for Misawa... but I got excited a little too soon. We had a huge dump of snow yesterday. Not powdery, pretty snow, either. No, we had to get the wet, heavy snow that turns ugly and slushy very quickly. I was expecting it, though. You can't live in Misawa for eleven years and not expect this to happen. It's a given, however saddening it may be.

The other day I took down all my winter decor in the house, and put up all my reminders of spring. Flowers; bright, soft colors like lavender, sage green, and lots of pink, pink, PINK! (So, anybody want to guess what my favorite color is? lol!) It was just astounding how much perkier I felt afterward. I wanted to wear something bright, colorful, feminine, and flowery to show how spring-like I felt within. I don't know why I felt so happy, lol. It was still just as cold outside as it had been five minutes before I took everything down, but something inside had changed; and it certainly felt good! Look! Do you see how many exclamation points I have used since I started talking about spring??? LOL!

Sometimes I feel that I inwardly endure a "seasonal" change, as well. There are times when I am so overjoyed and filled with an abundance of energy to be working and serving in church. Still yet other times, I am somewhat "bogged down" in my duties; I am seemingly exhausted from working with my Sunday "schoolers" (okay, not a word, but oh well!), easily aggravated by the students at school, very tired of singing in choir... It's never an instant change, but rather, a gradual falling away into dismalness (is that even a word? man, I'm going to get the record for most made-up words in a blog entry!!). It's certainly not something of which I am proud, and I almost hate to admit it. However, recognizing the problem is a great start! I often get tired of the decorations in my home, so I have to switch them out often. Opening curtains wider, airing things out, these things make such a HUGE difference! And, as wonderful as it feels to change my household decor, I know that it's even more beneficial to air out my heart's "decor" as well.

The Bible says that after Salvation we have become a new creature. Instead of drudgery or dismalness (my word again, lol), we are to be filled with "kindness... longsuffering... and above all these things [put on] charity, which is the bond of perfectness." Whenever the mood strikes for me to be mumbling or complaining, I am reminded of this verse:

"And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, [do] all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him."

How could I possibly grumble when I realize that I am working to bring honor and glory to His Name, and I am to be THANKFUL that He's even allowed me the opportunity to serve?

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