One year!

Friday was our anniversary, and it was so many different things. I don't think one word could accurately describe it. In some aspects, it didn't turn out how I expected -- although, that's life as always, right? -- but it is definitely a memory we will cherish for a lifetime.

My Airman surprised me with my gift a little early; he had originally planned to give it to me just before dinner, but I managed to change his mind.  (It took lots of begging, pleading, and coercing on my part, but it worked! ;P) He told me that my gift was something he had wanted to give me ever since we started courting, so of course that made it even sweeter when he finally presented me with a beautiful diamond necklace! :o)

For the evening, we had reserved a room at a hotel in Hachinohe. It was... well... impossibly tiny, and more expensive than we had planned. At first, we were really disappointed, and it put a damper on things for a bit. But, after we changed into something nicer for dinner, we decided to be more positive about the evening. I'm glad we did that, because I really believe it made all the difference for us. It was so relaxing and quiet... no cat to wake me up at 4 (lol), no phone calls, no work...Just us. It was really nice to just "get away from it all."

We ended up having only Y3,000 (about $30) left after paying our bill, so... we couldn't have as nice a dinner as we had been planning. Even so, we had a fun time walking up and down the blocks around the hotel. We were much more dressed up than the others around us, so we received a combination of smiles, stares, and smirks. We didn't really care, because we were having fun just enjoying the sights and each other's company.  {I joked with My Airman that they were pointing and smiling because they knew we were happy and in love, and it showed. As for the ones who whispered and gave weird looks? Well, of course, they were just jealous! ;o)}  We ended up eating at a small place across the street from our hotel. Nothing fancy or upscale, but it was quiet, and the food was good.

I think the best part was our breakfast buffet the next morning. We went to the top floor of the hotel and there was a wonderful variety of foods available. It was such a beautiful view from the top and so peaceful watching the sun climb high into the sky; I wish I had thought to take a picture from our spot by the windows. 

I just want to say how thankful I am for the wonderful husband I have. God has truly, richly, and greatly blessed my life by bringing him into it. I honestly can't imagine things without my husband... is it possible we've known each other less than two years? I can't believe how quickly the time has just flown by since he first moved here... since we became friends... started courting... and were married.
Happy Anniversary!
What a year it has been -- full of ups, downs, and loop-de-loops -- and yet, it has definitely been the best year in my life! I wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything... and I look forward to many more with My Airman. 

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