There are three questions that seem to be circulating among everyone... these questions are asked of me and Nathan at just about every church service, lol. They are, in order:

1) How's married life treating you?
2) When are you having a baby? Are you planning to have a baby before you PCS? And a number of other questions in regard to a baby, lol
3) Do you plan to re-enlist, or are you still thinking about getting out?

The first one is easy -- married life is wonderful! It's fun (most times, lol) and it's definitely a learning experience. I never knew how many things I would learn about my husband after I married him. I mean, we were best friends before marrying, so I thought I knew him pretty well -- and I did, actually. It's just that now that we're married and living together, we have discovered so many more things. I don't suppose you ever stop finding out things about your spouse, even after decades of marriage. It's pretty neat, I think. I especially like how we're getting better at predicting what the other will say or do in response to something... it's just hilarious how close (or how completely way off) we can get!

The second question is usually answered with a "We don't know," "We're not sure," or a "We'll let you know." Most recently, though, we've just been answering it with "Whenever the Lord decides to give us one." That works pretty well, actually, so I don't know why we didn't answer it that way before, hahaha!

The last question has always been a little more complicated, because we just haven't been sure. I mean, we'd been praying and discussing it, but never really had any sort of direction. Recently, though, we have been definitely leaning toward staying in and re-enlisting. Of course, that's what I was originally thinking we should do, but Nathan and I had a huge talk about it shortly after we were married, and he helped me to realize that it wasn't up to me -- or even up to him -- to make the decision. We simply had to leave it up to the Lord, and determine to submit to whatever He directed. We've been talking about getting out vs. staying in a lot lately, and have been feeling more that the Lord would have us to stay in. Of course, this is still not 100% definitive (Nathan doesn't have to re-enlist for another three and a half years), but it seems to be the direction we are heading. Even so, I'm getting excited, because that means after our next base (which will be Stateside), we can go overseas again! I am really hoping that we can get stationed in Germany, Italy, or somewhere else in Europe... it would be so neat! But, we're trying not to get ahead of ourselves in thinking about future bases... we don't even know where we'll be in January. And, who knows, maybe the Lord will call us up to Heaven before Nathan's enlistment is up. We'll see. For now, though, it's nice to have an idea of what we will be doing... even if it's not set in stone.

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