Rain, rain, go away

It is so cold and rainy outside today, that I'm glad I'm safe and dry in our cozy house. If only the sun would start shining! It certainly doesn't feel or look like summer at all. I honestly cannot wait for the nice, warm weather to come; I have been planning a surprise picnic for me and My Airman ever since he was TDY, but the weather hasn't been very cooperative yet. That's okay. I'm still looking for a cute picnic basket anyway, so more time is better. :o)

I have been cleaning all day, and am finally on track with laundry and the dishes; plus I'm almost caught up on all of my correspondence. Now if only my husband would sign the cards, I could send everything off so they will arrive on time...

Speaking of my hubby, it is after 1700 and he's still not home. :o( Whenever I hear anything that sounds remotely like a car door slamming, I race to the window to see if it's my handsome airman. Unfortunately, I have been sorely disappointed each and every time I've peeked through the blinds. I started dinner shortly after 1500-ish, figuring he'd be home around 1600. I finally had to turn off the stove burners, because the soup was evaporating, lol.

I even went all out and tried a new recipe for some gingerbread. We have had molasses sitting in the pantry for only-the-Lord-knows-how-long, and I finally used all of it up! Anyway, when I poured the batter into the pan, it ended up being too full. I didn't realize how much it would rise during the baking process because I've never made gingerbread before, and I've certainly never tried this recipe... Umm, yeah. Let's just say, my labor of love demonstrated perfectly what overflowing lava must look like as it raced to cover everything in its path. At least it still tastes good, lol. (This is our little secret -- I transferred everything to a new platter, and washed the pan, so there is no evidence of my mishap! Shhhh!)

Well, anyway, while I've been babbling away, My Airman just came home, so now I'm not lonely! Yay! :o) Guess I'll go re-heat dinner... again! :P