Roller coasters, swings, and slides

This past weekend has been... what has it been, exactly? I think the best phrase to use would be that it has been a roller coaster ride. It's been full of ups, downs, highs, lows, and everything in between!

Nathan had off of work on Thursday because his shop was given an excellent rating for the inspection they had last week. I was excited, because we haven't had much time to spend together since he started his new shift. Thursday morning was spent doing laundry, FBI (Faith Bible Institute) homework, and finishing other things for his work.

By mid-afternoon, everything on our to-do list was completed. We decided to go out for a casual dinner at the Pizza and Curry place. We were the first customers for dinner, and no one else came until after we had finished eating, so we were able to enjoy some leisurely conversation time. It was so refreshing, and reminded me of our courtship days... *sigh* It was strange to think that having been married for only 11 months, we had already forgotten about making time for ourselves. Even if the time isn't spent doing something "spectacular," it is still very much needed! I'm glad that we realized the importance of doing so once again, though. It really helped us to reconnect after such a busy time.

After dinner, we felt like having a light dessert, so we headed to Shiroi Mori, a quiet, little pastry shop. It's so peaceful and makes me feel cheerful just thinking about it! I ordered a croissant that was definitely the BEST I've had in my life! It was so buttery and flaky, but not hard and crispy... it practically melted in my mouth. Just delicious! Nathan ordered some sort of flaky pastry with a custard filling inside... messy, but man it was good! We shared a small pot of milk tea -- there was a slight hint of apple in it, which I thought would be weird, but it was actually pretty yummy. I'm not too much of a tea drinker, but this was so good that I had two cups. It was so wonderful to be enjoying each other's company, just laughing and talking all evening. I remembered more clearly just why I grew to love my husband in the first place.

On Friday, we went to a LogPro dinner (Logistics Professionals) which started out nicely, but ended... not so wonderfully. Please don't let me get started on how unprofessional the vast majority of people were...we'll be here all night! Trust me! Suffice it to say, dining with a bunch of drunk, rowdy military members and their spouses is not how I'd prefer to spend my time. The evening didn't get any better when we got home, either. I really can't go into details right now, but I'll just say there's a deeper issue that has yet to be resolved.

aturday was... Well, it started out as a continuation of the situation from Friday evening. It was very emotional for me, and I spent the majority of the morning confused and crying about what has been taking place. I don't quite know how much longer I can handle everything regarding the issue. Nathan and I have been praying how to take care of things, but are still unsure how to proceed at the moment. (Before your imagination runs away with you, it's not a problem between Nathan and me, so don't worry that we're going to be signing papers any time soon)

What made things even crazier was that I was helping Sherry with some dishes (three cheese garlic scalloped potatoes -- YUM!) for an event she was catering, so we couldn't really discuss things properly, as I had a time deadline to meet. Then, I guess I hadn't sliced the potatoes thinly enough, so they weren't done baking when I had originally expected. I was already stressed out, and this made me even more stressed... I didn't want to make Sherry late, and was so worried that they wouldn't be done in time! Thankfully, I called Sherry and she told me I still had time to get to her. While they were baking, Nathan and I had a long talk and were able to discuss everything calmly and rationally, so that was straightened out. I made it to Sherry's with plenty of time remaining; when we got down to her house, she just loading up her van with the rest of the goodies she had made.

After all of that was done, Nathan took me away for a surprise outing. Saturday was one of the first REALLY pretty days this year, so we had to take advantage of it! It wasn't until we were almost there that I finally figured out where we were headed, lol. He did his best to take wrong turns (although, maybe that was unintentional ) so that I wouldn't know where we were. Anyway, we had so much fun at the Statue of Liberty Park -- bet you didn't know Lady Liberty was in Japan, and not just in New York, huh? It was just the thing we needed to release the tensions that had been building up over the past few days. There was plenty of beautiful scenery, and it was fun just walking around the park. We even went down the big, roller slide and slid on the rope-pulley swing. (Yes, we were the only adults to do either of those things, lol. But, it was still fun!)

Today didn't start out so great, though. Not even ten minutes into the school day, I found out one of my students hadn't finished a book report -- which was assigned well before Easter Break -- and she knew it was due today. It was even more frustrating because I could tell she was trying to hide the fact that she hadn't finished it, but it still took a minute of coaxing before she would admit it. *sigh* As a monitor, it is hard for me when I see these things happening, because I want to be able to trust my students... but I know it is even harder for the parents to deal with the situation and is even more of a disappointment for them than it is for me.

Phew, I'm tired just thinking about everything that's been happening. Breaktime for the kids is almost over now, and I have a few papers to grade, so I'm off!

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