Shocking surprises

I have always been a light sleeper. As far back as I can remember, I would awaken to the smallest sounds, or have trouble sleeping because of creepy shadows and strange noises.

My husband, on the other hand, is definitely not a light sleeper; he sleeps through anything and everything. When the alarm clock goes off every morning, he doesn't even flinch... while I am usually awake well before it goes off. I have to nudge him for quite some time before he even begins to stir. Abby can be in here meowing at the top of her lungs, and he doesn't hear a sound.

I mean, there was an earthquake this morning, and he didn't even move a muscle!!!

Whenever we have talked about having kids, My Airman has always said that he would help and get up if one of our children were to cry. I usually just smile and nod sarcastically sweetly. :P

I realize he is wanting to be helpful, but I also know that if his intentions were ever to be followed through, I would have to wake up first, then wake him up and tell him to get the baby before he would ever notice the baby was crying... so, if I'm already up anyway, I figure I would just get the baby myself, and let my honey sleep. By the time I wake him up, I'm wide awake already, so why not?

Well, obviously, we have no baby around yet (not until about 15Feb07 in case anyone is wondering about my due date), so there is no need to worry about this situation for quite a few months.

Recently, however, I think the whole idea of knowing that he is about to become a father has changed my airman... the other day, he showed me there is hope for this sound sleeper yet.

I awoke around 2am and found myself feeling horribly sick. I was thinking that maybe some saltine crackers would help ease things, but they were on top of the dresser, and I couldn't bring myself to climb out of bed and get them.

So, I quietly said, "Baby? I need crackers... please...." fully expecting him to remain soundly asleep, and trying to figure out how quickly I could run to the crackers and lie back down without having to make a break for the bathroom.

But, my wonderful husband is full of surprises.

Immediately, I heard him say, "Mmmmm-kay," and watched in amazement as he rose, grabbed the crackers, opened the bag, and handed me a few. He was even coherent enough to ask if I needed some lemon water or anything else.

Talk about the shock of a lifetime! Never has my husband awakened the first time I've called him -- EVER!!! I'm pretty sure his parents and siblings would attest that he had never done so for them, either! -- I didn't even have to nudge him; he just got up on his own.

I'm just over 7 weeks along now, yet My Airman has continued to amaze me throughout this pregnancy! (I am beginning to realize that he will probably never cease to do so) As much as I love taking care of my husband, I've found that I have days when I really just can't... it's all I can do to shower, eat something, grab some water, and lounge on the couch until he comes home from work.

I am constantly apologizing to him for unfinished laundry, dirty dishes, and the like... yet he tells me over and over again how much he loves me and doesn't mind taking care of me -- in fact, he wants to help me! Whether that means taking out the trash, scooping the kitty litter, loading the dishwasher, vacuuming the house, or grabbing some take-out, he is willing to do all of that -- and more -- for me.

*sigh* God really did give me a wonderful husband, and I am so thankful for His sovereignty and omniscience in knowing what's best for our lives... if I had tried to choose a husband on my own, I know I never would have been able to find a man quite like My Airman. Praise the Lord for His never-ending mercy and grace in giving me a loving husband that I don't even deserve!