Slow Days

Can you believe that it is only two weeks until My Airman is home again?! Well, it's looking that way, at least. I really just can't believe that he's so close to being home.

I have always hated being alone, and when I would house-sit for people, I would nearly go crazy... just too quiet living in such a big house all by myself, you know? After a little while I thought to myself, "Now I understand why so many single people want to be out partying and everything... because living alone is horrible!"

(Just to clarify, I'm not saying it's okay to be doing those things. I'm merely saying I can understand why they would feel the need to be out all the time.)

Anyway, all that to say: that it was a lot easier dealing with the quiet before I was married. The only way I've found to handle it these past few months is to keep busy, busy, busy! I think most people have learned not to call me during the day, because they'll just be getting the answering machine, lol.

As soon as I get home, my cat is waiting for me at the door, because she's so extremely happy that I'm home! Okay, maybe not EXTREMELY happy... she does meet me at the door just meowing away, though, so certainly she MUST be a tiny bit glad to see me, right? :o)

I know that I will be EXTREMELY HAPPY to have my husband home!!! I am so tired of walking in to an empty house... well, not exactly empty... just really, really quiet (um, aside from the meowing of course).

Actually, I'm just tired of cuddling up with my cat... it's so pathetic. I always said that if I never got married, I would be one of those crazy, old ladies with twenty cats running around my house. Now I'm married, so I just want to be one of those crazy ladies with twenty kids running around the house, lol!

Okay, not twenty...just six of 'em (all right, all right -- however many the Lord will give us).
Oh, and one cat.

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