Snow, snow, snow

Well, the snow has been coming down almost non-stop since Christmas! I am sooooo ready for this snow to be gone. And yet, I know that's not even remotely possible because it has only just begun, lol!

Aside from the cold and frigidity of winter, I must admit that there are some good things about it. Each morning, it is absolutely breathtaking to look out my window and see the neighborhood buried under a blanket of snow. When the sun hits the snowflakes just right, it's looks almost as if a million glittering diamonds are covering the world around me...

Who could possibly look at the beauty and intricacy of a snowflake and think there is no Higher Being? That the universe and everything in it "evolved" over millions of years? Impossible. I'd say it takes more faith to believe that things happened randomly than it does to believe in an Almighty Creator.

God asked Job, "Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?"(Job 38:22) I should think that if God were saying that snow has treasures, we ought to believe Him! If nothing else, the treasure is found in a reminder. Just as the rainbow reminds us of God's promise to never flood the earth with water again, snow is a reminder that, "though [our] sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow..."(Isaiah 1:18)

I once heard that if God were JUST holy and not merciful, we'd be dead! That's why Salvation is so wonderful -- because He is holy...yet He forgives us. How amazing! The Lord is powerful, forgiving, and merciful; yet He also delights in the beauty of a snowflake.

What a wonderful God we serve! :o)

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