Some firsts

When Laura and I were teenagers, we were all gung-ho about going in and giving blood. Then we found out there was an age requirement so we decided we would wait and go in together after she turned 18. We were so excited about it for the longest time.... until we learned there was a weight requirement, too. (We thought it was 100 pounds, but I found out that it is actually 115) Unfortunately, I never met that requirement, so the idea was dropped. After Laura became pregnant with Kyle, she had her blood drawn for the first time (and several times throughout her pregnancy), and told me many, many, MANY horror stories about her appointments. Needless to say, I was quite relieved that I was never allowed to donate blood, lol! Terrible of me, I know!

Well, yesterday, I had to go in and get my blood work done. Oh my goodness, I was a nervous wreck! My Airman kept teasing me, saying, "Oh, you've never had your blood drawn? Well, it's not that bad. Oooh, but it does hurt a LOT the first time... blood spurts everywhere, and all of that."

Isn't he mean?!? He made me laugh, though, so that helped to ease some of the tension.

When we got to the lab, the technician was nice and explained everything that she would do, as well as answered any questions I had. She was also very gentle with me, and even used a smaller needle than is normally used -- I was glad for that! My Airman was the ultimate sweetheart, and held my hand the entire time.

One of the male lab techs walked by and saw what was taking place, so he loudly said, "Awwww, look at this! He's holding her hand; how sweet!" When another tech started talking to him, he said, "Wait, wait, wait," pointed to his face, and said, "Here's a tear for the sweet couple." Thankfully, he continued about his normal duties after that. I think my hubby was relieved not to be in the spotlight any longer. ;P

The woman filled up 6 vials with my blood! I'm sure that doesn't sound like a lot to you, but having never given blood or anything like that, it was a total shock to me! It didn't take nearly as long as I had thought it would, and thankfully, it didn't hurt. Well, only when the needle first went in, and only when I looked, lol.

As soon as she removed the needle, My Airman jogged out of the room to check the score on the basketball game... So much for being sweet! ;P  He came back in immediately... But I still teased him that the entire time, instead of thinking sweet and loving thoughts, he was wondering about the game going on! ;o)

A lady from the OB was doing the math to see how far along I am, so I am 5 weeks today. It's still a little weird to think that I am having a baby. I guess I'll get used to it soon enough. So far, I haven't had any morning sickness... I am hoping it stays that way! Just been feeling a little tired during the day, so I have actually started taking naps. Anyone who knows me knows that is something that I NEVER do! I have always been one that can get by with very little sleep and still function normally.

We made an announcement at church last night, so everyone was excited, and quite a few of them clapped!  :o)  We have already had several people offer us their baby stuff (swings, high chair, bassinet, etc) so we are very grateful for that. The Lord is providing our needs, and we know He will continue to do so.