Some of you will laugh

Okay, so here's a story for you... wait, more than one.

I was walking through the food court yesterday, on my way to pick up some wrapping paper and a few other things at the bookmark. I saw the some friends and talked with them for a minute before saying goodbye. Well, when I was finished with my errands, they were still eating. So, I came up behind Mrs. C (she was facing the door, so she didn't see me walking up) and bopped her gently on the head with the roll of paper. She, of course, smacked my bottom, lol.

Mr. C took the roll from my hand and said, "Wait, wait, wait." Then, he held it vertically in front of me and said, "Okay. Now I can't see you anymore." He was pretty pleased with his little joke, and I admit, I laughed, too! (I told My Airman when he came home from work, and he just thought that was hilarious... yeah, he laughed for quite a bit.)

After Mr. C did that, it reminded Mrs. C of something. So she said, "You know what? I was talking to my son the other day, and he goes, 'Mom, Mrs. [our last name] could never get pregnant.' And I said, "What?! Why not???" So he answered matter-of-factly, 'Because -- she's too skinny!' " (Yes, My Airman thought that story was pretty funny, too.)

Oh, and today my friend Lindsay told me that her hubby said, "Even though Arlene isn't exactly 'my' friend she still kept me entertained today." It seems to be a consensus: if I'm not good for anything else, at least I'm good for a laugh.