Spring has arrived...

Well, you know what that means in northern Japan, don't you? Rain, rain, and more rain!!! I sometimes feel quite gloomy at the thought of torrential downpours, and dark, dreary skies... But, the good news is that after all the rain subsides, we will have some glorious sunshine! I, for one, cannot wait for it to come!!!

I just love spring... I even don't mind the rain so much. (The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't straighten my hair, or it will frizz up like an afro-puff!) I know that the rain is needed to help those beautiful flowers take nourishment and grow... oh, how I love the look of flowers in bloom! I am amazed each and every year at how beautiful and breathtaking the world around us can be! What a God we have... with such imagination, creativity, and an eye for beauty. How anyone can look at the world and its magnificence and think that it simply evolved over millions and billions of years? It is too crazy to believe such a thing!

Anyway, the kids are done with their videos, and I need to get things ready for their homework assignments! I'm probably staying a little late today, because Stephen didn't finish his history test yet... fun, fun, fun. I'm not grading it until tomorrow, though!

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