Switching roles and fitting clothes

This past week, My Airman was able to come home before 4 almost every evening! It was absolutely wonderful, and we were both excited to have a little more time to spend together. :o) Even though he wasn't working 12-14 hour shifts, he's still very frustrated with the way things are being managed in his shop. He's planning to talk to another one of his supervisors and ask if he can be transferred back into his old shop. If it's the Lord's will, everything will work out, so... we'll see what happens. Even if he isn't able to transfer out of maintenance, he'll be on leave next month (well, almost the whole month) for Jessica's visit, and then we're leaving in January, so... I think he'll be able to hold on until then.

My honey was even given today (Friday) off, so that was a nice surprise! :o) We went to bed last night around 7:30/8ish... oh, goodness! Admitting that we went to bed so early makes me feel like we must sound like we're old people or something, LOL! To be fair, my airman has to be up around 0430, and I'm pregnant, so yeah. That should make things sound a little better, right? ;o) It was simply fantastic to "sleep in" this morning. Even though I don't have to wake up until around 0600, I'm usually up when the alarm goes off for my husband, so it was nice to actually sleep until it was my time to get up! :o)

It was strange when I left for school, though. My Airman was the one hugging and kissing me goodbye, rather than the other way around. He even did all the dishes and cleaned out the van for me today while I was at work! Definitely a switch from our regular roles, LOL!

All of the students and teachers take a break around 10 every morning, and my honey surprised me by stopping by the school with some french fries and a Dr. Pepper -- some of my favorite snacks and things I have been craving for a few days (I'm trying to be good and not eat that sort of thing too much, as I don't want to gain 50 pounds with this pregnancy, LOL). :o) Mmmmmmmm! A yummy breaktime snack, hehehe. Oh, and I was happy that he visited, too, of course. ;o)

A few weeks ago I posted about not being able to find clothes that fit, and several of you wrote in with different online stores that sell smaller-sized maternity clothing. After that, I put in a huge order with Old Navy and Gap, and all of my clothing came in a few days ago. I was so excited, relieved, and excited -- can you tell I am excited?! Before my order came in, I was really trying to stretch my wardrobe -- wearing my skirts with the zippers halfway unzipped, unbuttoned, pulled down below my belly, etc (don't worry, I was wearing my long shirts, so that I was covered up, LOL). May I just say that it is so nice to have things that fit?!?

My Airman's out golfing with one of his co-workers right now, so the house is a little quiet. I have to finish up a few things around the house, but it's looking as if we'll have a relaxing weekend as we have very few things planned, so I'm glad for that. We have really been needing a break, and this is a welcome change for us. I'm even getting a break from cooking dinner tonight! My hubby's going to grill up some "heart attack hot dogs" for us. I have never had one before, so don't ask me what's in them, lol. All I know is that there is a lot of cheese, bacon, and (I'm guessing) grease! I might end up needing to order the next size up in maternity clothing if he keeps this up... so much for eating healthy during this pregnancy, LOL! :P


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I read what you husband was making for dinner. :) Sounds like my brothers! They don't help out in the kitchen much (as far as making the food) but when they do, you better look out! It's sure to be full of fat, grease, and/or sugar. But you can be sure it will taste incredible! LOL :o)

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog! I am so glad you were able to get a bunch of maternity clothes!

Mrs.B. said...

I'm so glad you found some clothes that are working for you! I can so relate to what you're saying....I'm plus-size and don't live near any good stores. I'm so thankful for the internet or I'd probably be walking around naked! (o;

Jessica said...

I just found you and am enjoying your blog...I'm newly married and expecting my first in Febuary as well!

I know what you mean about needing some smallish maternity clothes. I'm there right now. I love Gap and Old Navy, but can't afford to buy a lot right now. I do have some stuff I've been given or found at consignment garage sales so that's been good. Do you like wearing maternity clothes? I love the stuff I have that fits well...it's fun to be finally showing and looking cute!

Samantha said...

Yes, Gap and Old Navy are great! My sister and I used to shop there quite a bit when she was preggers, and you just can't beat Old Navy's clearance. Also, you can find huge lots of maternity clothing(same brands) on Ebay for cheap. God bless!

ROANNE said...

oooh, a new wardrobe!!! how exciting! hey, any excuse to go shopping, take it and run, girl! lol i have a confession, though...sometimes i want to be pregnant too just so i can wear some of the cute maternity clothes. lol old navy is my store and i love gap too (their sweaters are my winter staples), so i'm definately feeling a little envious! and don't worry about eating too much. you're pregnant, what's another gallon of ice cream and box of pizza? hehehe =D

Arlene said...

Rachel, I told Nathan what you said, and he got a laugh out of that one. It's true, though; they did turn out greasy and yummy!
Denial and Mrs. B, I'm glad I was able to find them, too! It was such a huge blessing to get so many things on sale!
Jessica, glad you stopped for a visit. Do you know what you're having yet? We're supposed to find out on Thursday (if the baby shows us, lol). Yes, I LOVE my new maternity clothes. They fit so much better and I actually look pregnant instead of just full, lol!
Samantha, I agree: Gap and Old Navy are great! I especially like their flat-rate shipping price!
LOL, Roanne! You know you're next to get preggers! I'm so not going to gain 50 pounds with this baby if I can help it... so, I'll just stick with half a gallon of ice cream, hehehe ;o)