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It is a fresh burst of inspiration...[to be reminded] of the high calling I've been given... to be my husband's wife. When others hint that my life appears boring or that I'm a bit too focused on my home, it is so comforting to know that my husband feels himself blessed. He says that the best part of his day is walking up to our door and knowing that I will be waiting there for him when he comes in. What could be better than hearing from my beloved's lips how much he enjoys sitting down for a lunch of turkey sandwiches on homemade bread or that it makes him so happy to know that our home is clean and well-cared-for. He thanks me for the closet full of ironed shirts and pants and drawers with clean laundry. Is anything more fulfilling than this? I think not. I am [a] wife... this is my God-given role and it is my utmost joy to embrace it.*Written by Mrs. Ashleigh Baker* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I found this quote today, and thought I would share it. What sweet sentiments, indeed!
Although I would never trade my lot as housewife/homemaker, I have found myself yearning for a break every now and then. There are times that I get discouraged and tired... of cooking, cleaning, doing laundry (the seemingly endless pile of clothing builds up anew each day!). Most times, I truly enjoy keeping house -- making my husband's lunch for work; decorating and maintaining each room; having a nice, hot meal ready at dinnertime -- and yet every so often, I feed into the societal mindset that I'm not really "worth something" unless I am seeking some sort of career.
After reading that quote, though, I was energized once more. I was reminded of the Bible's teachings and principles. I also remember just how blessed I am to have this lifelong career, and understand how important it is that I remain thankful for the biblical role I am currently filling.
While still single, there were many times others asked me, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I remember well their looks of...disagreement, disdain, and even disapproval when I replied, "To be honest, I'd really like to just get married and have a family." For as long as I can remember, all I've ever wanted to be was a wife and mother. (I've finally achieved part of my career goals, lol... we'll see about the other one. ) How sad that people look down upon those who yearn to fulfill the highest calling God has given women. How much sadder it is that people think such a calling is a degradation to women, when in fact, it is a blessing -- no, an honor! I have noticed that home-making has become somewhat of a "lost art" these days, and that saddens me even more. Perhaps this is a major cause of the high divorce rates nowadays...?
Where are those women who will say:
I confess that I love him-
I rejoice that I love him-
I thank the maker of Heaven and Earth that gave him me to love-
The exultation floods me.
-Emily Dickinson

We are in dire need of more women who will announce such a thing unashamedly, unabashedly, and without fear of what others might think! So, I'll join the Emily Dickinsons and Ashleigh Bakers of this world and say, "I'm a wife, and I'm proud of it!" And with that, I must take my leave. :~)

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