Still in love

Today has been a rather average day. Nothing really interesting happened while I was working with the kids (and all the parents said: "Amen!") No letters or packages awaited me at the post office. I couldn't even find everything that I needed at the BX or commissary (but then, is that such a surprise? lol). All in all, a rather uneventful day.

When I was driving home from the post office, I had started to feel a little... ehhh, blah-ish. (Yes, I do realize that is not even remotely a word, but I don't care ;o)). I passed the fire station, saw the sign for the Far East Bazaar and thought, "Ooooh, maybe My Airman will let me pick something from there as a birthday present..." But, that still didn't help perk me up very much.

Then, as I drove down up the hill heading to north area, I saw a truck (the kind used in my husband's line of work). I have had this habit for well over a year now, that whenever I see such a truck, I check the airman driving, because it might be my honey! Just when I had started to get my hopes up... the driver turned his head, and I realized it wasn't My Airman.

I was disappointed, but continued my people watching anyway, because it's something my best friend and I always do (well, did). I saw the truck behind him (not a fuel truck, but some other military vehicle), and found myself looking at the handsome face of my beloved!

Unfortunately, he didn't notice me, because he was looking in the other direction. But I can't tell you what that two seconds did for my mood! I found myself smiling, checking my mirror (just for one last glimpse), and humming.

I felt like we had just started courting or something -- that's how happy I was. It was like being in the beginning stages of love all over again. I know, I know... I am such a GIRL! But, then, what else am I supposed to be? ;o)

I love being in love. I love that God has bestowed such an honor upon me -- the honor of being My Airman's wife for the rest of my days. I could cry just thinking of how special and wonderful it is to be married to my husband! Love truly is a gift, and I pray that I might remember to be grateful for it -- for better or for worse, as long as we both shall live.

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