Yesterday was my first appointment for an ultrasound. I was extremely nervous, and I hated waiting for the doctor to come in! (Okay, I don't think I even had to wait five minutes, but the seconds seemed interminable while I was sitting on that table. LOL) I was beginning to feel very overwhelmed and stressed, but my sweet airman prayed with me and then I felt much better. :~) I absolutely LOVE hearing my husband pray for me and the baby... there is just something so sweet and tender about it. I almost cry every time he mentions the baby in prayer, and yesterday was no exception. :P But, I digress... as usual ;o)

Anyway, the doctor finally came in the room and got everything started. Even though I was at peace that everything would be all right, I was still a bit nervous. I held my husband's hand so tightly, I think he lost some circulation, lol.

Thankfully, nothing was as bad as I had been expecting, and the end result was so worth the discomfort! Dr. M was very nice (I haven't had some great experiences with her, so I was nervous about having her do my ultrasound), and explained all of the things we were seeing on screen. She took time to point things out, explain its purpose, etc so that was good. The only complaint I have is that she did things pretty quickly; I wish we had been able to watch the baby for a little longer. Maybe she didn't go quickly, though, and I just felt that we didn't have a lot of time.

It was incredible seeing our baby on that monitor! How amazing God's design is! I think, by far, my favorite part was being able to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was just... I don't know... amazing, unbelievable. I nearly started crying when we first heard the *whoosh* *whoosh* *whoosh* of his/her heart -- I am almost crying just thinking about it! I blame hormones! ;o)

At only 9 weeks, a baby is already so beautiful and wonderful -- a heartbeat, brainwaves, toes, arms and legs forming, fingers developing, movement, etc.

I will never understand those who would choose to get an abortion or think the child is not life; it's sad what that person will miss because of the choice made. In no way do I condemn a person for making such a choice; rather, I hurt for them. Especially now that I am seeing firsthand what things they miss... Lord, help us to be kind, loving, and encouraging to those in such a desperate situation!

After the ultrasound, we met with the doctor in her office and discussed a few things about healthy pregnancy and such. The tech weighed me, and I saw that I have gained about 3 pounds so far.

And, in case anyone is wondering, yes, I am getting a bit of a bump. Thankfully, most of my clothes are still fitting, so I have a bit longer before needing to buy other tops, skirts, and dresses. I'm trying to find things on sale before I actually need them, so I won't have to buy everything full price later on. If it were winter, I could just wear some of my sweaters; but it's not! It's summer; it's hot; and my shirts are just not that stretchy!

After our appointment, we headed back to my husband's office. His supervisor was fixin' to leave for a meeting with the Squadron Commander, so we showed him the baby's picture. The first words out of his mouth were, "Hey, it's a girl!" :P

Another one of the supervisors came out for a smoke break shortly thereafter, so he wanted to see the picture, too. Of course, the first thing he said was, "It's a girl!!" LOL!

It's so sweet seeing all these rough, tough military men grin and say, "It's really cool, huh?" and talk about how amazing and precious this little life is. :P My hubby's supervisor was extra nice and told us to just head home for the day, so My Airman went to lock up, and I waited for him in the car. When he came back, he had a photocopy of the ultrasound picture in his hand... so he could pin it up at his desk at work.

Awwwww, heart-melting material! Okay, maybe I'm just pregnant and everything makes me tear up! :P

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Amy said...

I'm so glad to hear that your ultrasound went to well! It's so exciting to see those first pictures of the baby.