A few more pictures for you

My SIL Jessica teases that you can always tell if My Airman is on leave or not by whether he's smooth or unshaven :P So, here are a few shots of the "lovely" bearded airman.
Here he is just before he shaved it all off
He doesn't look happy, does he?

Freshly shaven and ready for work :o)

If you'll notice, he is carrying a stack of papers in his hand; that is our assignment RIP (report on an individual person) which, after he turns those in today, we will be able to get official orders for our next duty station! Woo-hoo! Please pray that our fly-out date will be approved as I have to be out of here by January 5th (the last day I'm able to fly while pregnant)

P.S. In case you're wondering, no, I'm not a fan of beards or facial hair in general! I think they look nice on many guys... I just don't prefer them. My Airman, of course, loves growing his beard, mustache, etc. I told him many times during his leave, "I actually like seeing your face... that's one of the reasons I married you. I didn't marry that beard!" ;o) LOL He kept trying to convince me that his beard was simply part of the package that I married, but to no avail. He thinks he's going to grow a full one and keep it once he retires/gets out of the AF... notice I said he "thinks":P We'll see who wins that battle!

P.P.S. I edited the last photo a little to remove our last name and a few squadron-identifying badges from the uniform. While I trust all of you wonderful ladies who read my blog, I still want to make sure I practice good OPSEC (operational security) and protect my husband so he doesn't get into any trouble for posting information that may or may not be classified. If it were just you ladies reading my blog, then I know it wouldn't matter, but... one can never be too careful, as this is the world-wide web, available for the entire world to see! Also, I decided not to post where we are heading next because, as military, there aren't usually many bases in a State, so it would be too easy to figure out our location. Again, anyone can read this information, and as much as I'd like to believe that only my lovely blogging friends read my posts, that may not be the case!


Tammy said...

Well, I thought I didn't like facial hair either, until my husband grew a goatee. I actually like it! =)

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Security is important and military wives are just as in the service as their husbands. Hope your orders come soon and you leave ASAP. Happy baby happy life..:<)))ph

ROANNE said...

Yes, I agree with you too! No facial hair on our significant others! Wives for Smooth Faced Husbands Unite! Haha Well, it looks like you guys had an awesome time during Jessica's trip. That place you went to is gorgeous! And, btw, you'll definately have to post when/where you'll be PCS-ing out of there!

ROANNE said...

Oh, hmm, maybe I should finish reading the whole blog before I say, "Oh, Arlene, you should post where you'll be PCS-ing to next!" =S

Susan said...

My dh was in the AF for 10 years, and had a mustache the entire time. When he got out of the AF, he went into full-time ministry. He had always wanted to grow a beard, so he asked our pastor if it would be ok with him if Wes grew a beard. Pastor said, "It's your face; you sure can't hurt it any." So he grew his beard . . . and I LOVED it!

He shaved it off for deputation, but has now grown it back, and once again, I'm lovin' it.

Also, on PCS'ing, the only place I never wanted to go was Texas. Guess where we were stationed for most of my dh's career? You got it! And now Texas is where we say we're from. We even have two native Texans living with us - our younger son and our daughter, born while dh was still in the AF. I loved our AF time. I hope you'll enjoy your next duty station, too!

Happymama said...

Arlene, you're too funny. It was like you were trying to whisper your thoughts. LOL That's cute.

Thanks for the before and after pictures. They were good.

I pray your orders come back the way you hope.


Rebecca said...

I really like the 3rd picture down - he reminds me a lot of Dad in that one.

BTW, are you planning a theme for Caleb's room? A new Christian bookstore opened closeby and I was debating buying something for him, but I wasn't sure what you were planning for his room. I know it will be hard since you'll be moving right before he's born, but I thought I would ask before a buy anything.

Tori said...

What's funny is a few months before our first child my husband grew a beard too. I think it must be a growing up kinda thing for men. :0)

Arlene said...

Tammy and Susan, I think the reason I don't prefer a hairy face, lol, is that I was raised a military brat (my dad was AF for 20 years) so I'm just used to the clean-cut, smooth-shaven look. Nathan keeps telling me that I'll get used to it, but I don't know... twenty plus years of something is hard to get over! :P
Susan, isn't it funny how God sends us exactly where we think we don't want to go... Nathan thought he didn't want to come to Japan, but now he's glad he came -- he'd better be! (since this is how we met and were married!) ;o) LOL!
Joyce, I completely agree with you! :) Thanks for the well-wishes! I always say that I've been in the military for over 20 years, because I count my dad's time in service, and now I get to count my hubby's, lol :P
LOL, Roanne, I am right there with you, girl! :P We did have a great time while Jessica was visiting; glad you're enjoying the pics :)
Kristi, LOL, when you say that I'm too funny, I think that's just your polite way of calling me a weirdo! :P I guess I was trying to whisper my thoughts; I really didn't think of it that way, but it's a good way to put it. :)
Rebecca, that's what I kept telling Nathan during his leave -- "You look like your dad!" He kept telling me I was wrong because he looks more like your mom than your dad. I'm telling him that you totally agree with me, lol!

We can't exactly agree on a room theme for Caleb yet... we were planning to wait until we got to the States to get stuff anyway, since there's not much available here and we don't want to pay for shipping, only to ship it back to the States for our PCS. You could wait until after our shower or until after he's born to buy something, if you want. Either way, I'll let you know if we decide anything or register anywhere. :)
Tori, I think you're right... it's like their own passage into manhood, lol. But, I'm pretty sure that Nathan would have grown his beard while he was on leave, regardless of whether we were having a baby or not! :P It does sound nicer to say he's trying to grow up, though ;o)