Well, I was too excited in my last post, so I left out a few important details regarding our little boy! A few of you asked if we planned to keep the baby's name a secret... I could say yes, just to torture you, hehehe, but I won't! ;o) We've actually agreed on a name for a boy -- Caleb (and our last name, of course, lol). Yes, that was one of the few names we both liked and could agree on!

In case anyone doesn't know, I'm due February 15, 2007. We're scheduled to PCS at the beginning of January... well, if our orders ever come in, that is. :P Yes, I know; that's cutting it pretty close, especially if the baby decides to come early! Several people have already started trying to guess his birthday. So far, we have February 23, February 29 (obviously, the guy was just kidding about this date, LOL), and February 6. Anyone else care to make a guess? :o)

This is my last week of working at the school, and as much as I enjoy working with these children, I love staying home so much more! I am excited that I'll be able to be a full-time housewife starting next week :~) Speaking of next week, my honey's leave starts next week... Jessica is coming in this Friday evening! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! There are just a few more things for me to do around the house before she arrives, so we're almost ready for her visit.

Our church is having our annual missions' conference this week. The theme is "Let Them Know." We are excited to have Bro. Bruce Rice, one of our missionaries to the Philippines, coming to speak at our conference. We're also looking forward to seeing our Faith Promise giving increase so we can continue to reach those in the regions beyond, and support those who are willing to go and "let them know."

Each year during our conference we hold an International Banquet -- yes, we're true Baptists with food and fellowship as often as possible! ;o) In case any of you don't know what that is... basically, there are different tables set up, and each table represents a region of the world. For example, we have an American table, Oriental table, a table for the Islands (like Guam, Haiti, the Dominican Republic), etc. Of course there is also a dessert table -- that has to be separate! ;o)

People sign up to bring different kinds of foods from different countries, and quite a few people dress up according to where they're from. Last year our Pastor's wife and daughters dressed up in kimonos, and another lady dressed up in one of those flowy, frilly Mexican dresses (I forgot what they're called). It's lots of fun trying new dishes from other countries, and it helps make the mission field seem more real when it's sort of "on display" before you. Anyway, I'm going to take plenty of pictures since this is my last Banquet here at Faith... :o( I know it will be fun, and I'm looking forward to all of it!


Amy said...

I love the name you picked for your baby boy!

When I was a teenager some of the youth put on a fundraising banquet for missions with tables representing different countries. It was a really neat event. We had flags for each country marking the tables and an information sheet.

Adele said...

I had a feeling the name was Caleb. There aren't too many "C" boy names and I thought you might be choosing a Bible name. I should have guessed before you told us! I'm sure your dad is very honored to have your first son named after him. We did that with Gavin - his middle name is after my dad.

Anne said...

I say February 1st:o)... aren't I nice to you?!?!?! Actually that's my birthday and I think it's a wonderful day! Thanks for all the info:D

Rebecca said...

The name Caleb is very nice. :) I'm predicting February 14 - Valentine's Day!

Happymama said...

I like the name Caleb Anthony. It's very sweet. Can't wait to see the face that goes with it.
;) And I'm guessing February 23rd on the delivery date. I'm sending you eight days over. Why? Because we're a lot alike, you and I. We married AF men, lived outside the US on foreign soil, we're IFB, and your first child is a boy.....like mine. So I'm sending you eight days over like I was. What do I get if I'm right? LOL ROFL...just kidding.

The International Banquet sounds fun. Our former church used to have an International dinner at the end of our Mission's Conference. It was always fun decorating for that and the food was always yummy.


Arlene said...

I like your prediction the best, Anne! LOL! The only problem is that we will be pretty new at our next base, so I hope we'll have a house by then... otherwise, we might be bringing Caleb "home" to billeting! Y'all can start praying now that we'll get settled in quickly! :o)
Amy, Rebecca, and Adele, we love the name, too! hehehe, of course, that's why we picked it! :P
I knew you would guess it, Adele!
Sorry we "took" your name, Rebecca; I remember last year that you said you loved the name Caleb for a boy... that's okay, though, because you "took" Josiah from me, hehehe! Look as if we'll have to fight over Ethan now for the next boy, LOL! ;)
Oh, Kristi, that's just mean, LOL! I already feel like I'm stretched to the limit, and here you are, trying to put me 8 days over! :P You'll probably be right, too, since we are living parallel lives, LOL! I hope not, though... I'll be thinking about what you get if you "win", hehehe ;o)

Samantha said...

Yay, it's a boy! Boys are so much more fun. Okay, I may be a bit biased! lol! I have 4 nephews and only 1 niece, who I don't see nearly as much as my nephews.

As for the birthday, my guess would be February 4th which is my dad's birthday. Take care, and you and Nathan will be in my prayers.

Rebecca said...

Hey! I plead innocent to any charges of "taking" a name! Seriously, I didn't remember until months later that possibly you said something about liking the name Josiah, but I wasn't absolutely sure. And anyway, you know I much rather would have used the name Ethan (although "Josiah" fits Josiah so well now). If you want to blame anyone, blame Tim - he's the one who chose it! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Arlene! I hopw (know) you are enjoying your visit with your s-i-l. :D

Anyway, I'm just trying to let everyone know who reads my blog, has commented, or linked to me in the past.....I've moved! And it didn't go as smoothly as I expected, but such is life with Blogger. LOL

My new address is www.theviewfrommyfishbowl.blogspot.com

Have a great day!