I make it easy

In the past year, our church has had over 13 pregnant women (myself included), and one would think that the ladies would get tired of going to baby showers just about every month, lol. As much fun as I've had going to the showers at our church, I've always secretly wondered what it would be like to have a baby shower of my own... I finally found out on Monday!

Yes, that's right -- I was privileged to be the recipient of a surprise baby shower thrown by my mom, my best friend Laura, and my other good friend, Jenny. There were a good number of women who attended my shower, and I was amazed at how well everyone kept things secret. Although, I don't know why I was surprised, because we are always throwing some sort of surprise something-or-other in our church, so everyone's just used to it by now, I suppose. :o)

After the Sunday evening service, Jenny came up to me and asked if us if were free to come over for dinner on Monday. She mentioned that since Laura and her sister are leaving on Thursday, she wanted to invite them over, and, since Laura's my best friend, she thought we'd like to join them. Naturally, I was excited about the offer, and after talking about it, we told her that we'd love to come. Of course, I suspected nothing, because we do things with Josh and Jenny all the time.

You think I would have suspected something when, right before we left for their house, My Airman helped me into the van (it's getting tougher to mount that thing, lol), and said, "Oh, man! I forgot something!" He returned with our digital camera... that should have been a clue for me, because -- HELLO! He never remembers the camera for important events. Why would he bring it to a dinner? -- but I remained oblivious. I merely assumed he knew I would want to get some pictures with Josh and Jenny (as they're fixin' to PCS) and some pictures with Laura (as they're getting ready to leave in a few days).

As we drove up to the house, I saw Laura's car and noticed that all of the visitor's parking spaces in front of Jenny's house were filled. A little odd, but still nothing registered. We even saw my parent's car -- a HUGE clue for anyone with normal deductive reasoning skills, LOL! I mentioned this to my husband, but he ignored my comment and seemed flustered for some reason. I just figured it was because the rain was coming down in droves, and he couldn't find a close place to park. So I pointed out to him again, "Babe, did you see my parents' car?" He said, "Are you sure that's their car?" So I said, "Of course I'm sure; there's only one like that on base, and the license plate number is the same. I know my parents' car. Jenny must have invited them over for dinner, too, since they're close to Laura." He later told me that he had been thinking, "Oh, no! She's going to figure everything out" when I saw my parents' car, and he couldn't think of a good excuse... then, without knowing it, I rescue him and think of some "logical conclusion" as to why they would be at Jenny's. Do I make it easy for people to trick me, or what?! :P

Even as we walked up to the door and heard quite a few voices inside, I suspected nothing. In fact, after Jenny opened the door, and everyone said, "Surprise!!!" I was still trying to figure out what was going on... I actually thought, "Oh, maybe this is a surprise going away dinner for us since we're PCSing really soon...?" I know, I know -- how blonde can a girl get?! As I said earlier, I make it sooooo easy for people to fool me! After my husband gave me a kiss and started to walk away, everything suddenly made sense, and I said, "Babe! You knew about this?!" No screaming or bawling with this surprise, LOL (okay, I admit -- I did start to tear up a bit). :o)

My friend Sherry made a yummy chocolate cake with chocolate icing -- a pregnant woman's dream cake, lol! -- and gave the devotion, as well. She was so nervous, but I was like, "Sherry... it's just me! What are you nervous about?" My only regret is that I didn't have a pen or paper to take notes on.
We soon started a game in which everyone had to estimate how big around I am and cut a piece of streamer to see who could come the closest to my actual size. Almost everyone guessed too big, but one woman was actually off by just an inch or so. Sherry actually guessed a tiny bit too small -- I told her she could be my new best friend, lol! There was another game where everyone made a baby out of clay, and I judged whose baby looked best.  The last pic there is of me and my mom.
After I got home and showed my hubby what we were given, Abby decided she wanted to get in on the fun.  I made Laura promise there were no more surprises before she left -- I am all surprised out!  Phew!


Amy said...

Arlene, you look *so* cute in those pictures. The shower sounds like lots of fun!

Rebecca said...

Fun, Fun! You forgot to tell us what you got!

Happymama said...

Those were good pictures. What a pretty little pregnant belly you have! :) Looks like y'all had such a good time. I'm so glad.

Just one question....were those supposed to be human babies, or................alien babies? LOL


Arlene said...

You are too kind and sweet! I love hearing people say good things about my pregnant belly, though, so I'm not complaining! :P

It was fun! We were given mostly clothes -- I don't think we'll need to buy anything for him for a while! Maybe just some premie-sized clothing, as I'm pretty sure he'll be a smaller baby -- though my friend Jenny is giving us a swing, bouncy seat, exer-saucer (however you spell that), and something else... I forgot what. Also, my friend Charren is giving us a bassinet, diaper genie, baby bath, and a ton more clothes!

LOL, I thought the same thing! We truly are living parallel lives here ;o)