Unexpected blessing

Yesterday, I went to the thrift shop with Laura and Kyle, and Marie and Kylie. I usually don't like going to the shop on-base because I can never seem to find anything good or useful; I prefer shopping off-base at the Japanese recycle shops. Every once in a while, I can find something, but I just don't get things often enough to make the thrift shop a regular shopping place for me.

Laura, of course, loves thrift-shopping, and finds all kinds of things on a very regular basis. I guess I should mention that whenever I shop with Laura, I always find something good -- actually, she always finds something good for me! Hehehe, this is why she's my best friend. ;o) (Actually, this is why she shouldn't have PCSd; I can't find anything good anymore. ). Anyway, while we were browsing through the newly consigned items, Laura found a Graco stroller and car seat set -- complete with all parts and the instruction booklet -- in barely-used condition, for only twenty-five dollars (yes, you read that right)! Can you say, "Woo-hoo!!!!" :o)

God has been so good to us by leading many ladies in the church to give us baby clothing, a swing, bassinet, and all kinds of things for this baby. This stroller/carseat, though, was a completely unexpected blessing, as we were just planning to buy a new stroller and carseat online (or in the States), but to have this set for such a low price... well, of course, I couldn't pass it up!

I am always amazed at how graciously the Lord provides our needs in ways we aren't even expecting! All I can say is -- Praise the Lord! :o)

Now, if only we could find a crib and changing table for a good deal.... ;o)


Anne said...

I love how the Lord places specific blessings in our pathway that suit just *us*. I bet if I would have found that carseat/stroller I would've walked right by! But God knew what *you* needed:o)

Happymama said...

Woo Hoo!!!! I'm praising the Lord with you, Arlene. That's a wonderful deal you got there. :)


Samantha said...

How great is that!?!! God is good!

Amy said...

Wow! That stroller/car seat set is worth more than $200.00 new!

I used a low dresser with a mirror attached to the back as a change table. I found it for a good price at a consignment shop. It had a large surface and lots of drawers for storing baby clothes etc. I just put a change pad on top with the diaper supplies. The mirror was an unexpected plus as it kept the babies distracted and entertained as they got more wiggly. Now my boys use it as their dresser/desk in their bedroom.

Joyce's Ramblings said...

HE does provide. Just remember a baby doesn't need many things. Loving parents are most important. Old fashion wicker laundrybasket or dresser drawer with pad can be used for a bed. Been there-done that!

Rebecca said...

Wow! What a wonderful deal!

I'm with all the other ladies about the changing table. I've just always used a floor or bed. We just don't have enough room for an extra piece of furniture!

Anne said...

Just thought I would let you know I found a changing table at an Indiana resale shop that was 50% off. But, it didn't fit in my suitcase...:)