I lost an hour today. Gone -- just like *that*! Having lived in Japan for the past (nearly) twelve years, I have been spared the hassle of Daylight Savings' Time. The only time I had to deal with it was when I was trying to figure out the time difference when calling my family and friends in the States. Each time I called I would think, "Thank the Lord I don't have to worry about this crazy time change!!!" And, wouldn't you know it, the year we move back to the States is the year
DST is moved up a whole month early! How frustrating is that?! The worst part is that one can't just explain DST to a 3 week old infant; he does things on his own time, whether it matches what the clock says or not. Oh, well. I'm sure it won't kill me. :o)

I guess I shouldn't complain. I just heard that some places in Iowa (I think it was Iowa) lost TWO hours, because they changed over to a different time zone! Praise the Lord we don't live there, LOL! :o)

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Happymama said...

Losing an hour always stinks. But gaining the hour in fall is always nice. :)