My Airman was put on swing shift this week. :o( I hate that he comes home so late, but I do love that we are able to wake up together and have mornings as a family. It wouldn't be so bad except that I still haven't received my Stateside license. Ever since we've been together, my husband has pretty much been in the drivers' seat (literally and figuratively, hehehe), so it's not a big deal that he does all the driving when we go places. But, with this new schedule, I'm now stuck at home from 2:45 until he gets off of work (of course, we don't go anywhere at 11 pm, but I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at). This means that if we run out of milk, forget to run an errand, or anything like that, it doesn't get done until the next day. A little inconvenient at times, as you can imagine.

Since I was overseas for so long, I only have my military-issued license for Japan. When my brother moved back to the States to attend college, the DMV was very nice and allowed him to just transfer his military license over with no testing at all. I figured the DMV here would do the same with me... but, I was wrong.

The woman working that day was unwavering -- yes, I would have to take both the written and driving tests before I would be issued my license. No, my Japanese license could not be transferred. Yes, even though it was military issued. Yes, even though I have 5 years of driving experience I needed to get my permit. Yes, the tests must still be taken. Joy.

Hmm... Guess I should be studying my driver's manual instead of blogging, LOL

Since my honey's been on this shift, I've been relying on other church members for a ride. Tonight was the first service I've attended without my hubby in quite some time. And, since we've been Stateside, I pretty much haven't gone anywhere without my husband. I really don't like going to church without him. I feel incomplete; as if part of me is missing. It was especially weird to be completely by myself, since the little man was in nursery, and I had no one sitting with me.

I have to say, I have a lot of respect for the women who remain faithful to church despite their husband's absence. I wouldn't blame them for not attending since I realize how difficult it is to show up alone. I imagine it's a lot worse than how I felt, because my hubby was just at work... what if he flat out refused to be in church? Man, that would be really horrible. Praise God for His goodness to me in giving me a wonderful husband who desires to serve the Lord!

I think when he gets home, I will thank him for his faithfulness. When we were courting, I would tell him often how much I appreciated his dedication, but I don't think I've said anything in a while. His willingness to lead our family in worship is such a help, blessing, and encouragement to me, and I need to remember to thank him more often for that.

Ooooh, goodie -- the front door just unlocked! My honey is home! :o) 'Night-night, ladies!


Happymama said...

I know it must have been hard on you "going it alone" at church. My mother-in-law was one of those women who went by herself for almost forty years. Bruce's dad never would go. But she knew she had to keep the boys in and it's a good thing she did. Despite the doctrinal differences of her church, her boys picked up SOMETHING that would carry them a long way. One of them is not in church at this time for selfish reasons. But we're praying!!

Just hang in there. On those mornings the devil fights when Nathan can't be with you, the baby throws up all over your dress and his outift, and then poos everywhere after changing him again....remember it will be worth it all.


Jessica said...

Here, I read your title and was expecting to read all about the trials of trying to assemble a baby swing!! ;) ha ha Oh me weeeee wittle brain!! :D ha ha

Arlene said...

Thanks, Kristi; you're always such an encouragement to me :~)

Jess... you crack me up! Always! :P