It happened

My birthday has come and gone. Yep, I'm twenty-two and I still don't believe it, LOL! :o) My Airman had to work on my birthday, so that wasn't so great. Since he was put on weekends recently (hopefully, he won't be stuck on them for too long), we opted to celebrate my birthday a little early.

If you'll remember, my newest addiction is to Scooter's smoothies. Going along with that, my wonderful hubby went out and bought me a smoothie maker; then, "Little Man" went to Scooter's and bought a big bottle of the strawberry smoothie mixture for me (all by himself and with his own money, I'm sure :P). We made a batch of smoothies the next day, and, boy, they were YUMMY!!!! I think this will help me stick with our little challenge... maybe that's what my honey had in mind, LOL)

Later in the day, we went out and ran errands, and stopped off at Culver's for some lunch. Nothing fancy or over-the-top. Just a nice, quiet day together. I told my airman that even though we couldn't do anything "huge" like last year, this was one of the best birthdays I'd ever had. I know I will always cherish the memory of our time together, because, despite its simplicity (or perhaps, because of), I had a wonderful time with my family.

Here's something random for you: When I was a teenager, I always thought to myself that the latest I'd like to be married would be age 20. Eventually those thoughts led to thoughts of having kids, and I decided that I'd like to have at least one child by the time I was 22.

I don't think I ever told anyone about my "maximum age requirements" because I knew they'd think it was dumb to decide such a thing. I mean, I even thought it was dumb to think those things! I never actually considered it a "prayer request" or anything, and I certainly never imagined God would grant my wishes -- they were just the crazy, day-dreamy thoughts of a young, teenage girl, you know what I mean?

I completely forgot about my "wishes" until just recently.

And, wouldn't you know it? It happened. My wishes came true.
God gave me exactly what I wanted, and I remembered it just in time for my birthday. :o)


Happymama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARLENE!!!!! So glad God blessed your birthday wish.


Arlene said...

Thanks, Kristi! I'm glad He did, too :~)