5 months


Happymama said...

The first one is hilarious. Classic baby photo opp!! And the last one is just precious. I'm guessing he's quite the little character. I can't believe he's already five months old!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! New pics. Thanks :)

Auntie Jessica said...

These are really good pictures of Caleb. :) They made me smile -- and chuckle. Keep posting. I can't get enough -- what can I say?? I'm addicted!!! ;)

Mrs. C said...

Caleb is such a cutie! Time passes so quickly, Arlene. Enjoy this precious time when he's still little enough to want to be loved on all the time. :)
Mrs. C

Arlene said...

Kristi, I know... he is growing too fast!

Mrs. C, thank you for the reminder :) I think your blog's subtitle really sums things up well; it's obvious you live by your own advice... I'm trying to keep it in mind, as well. :)

Jess, I will always try to oblige the doting aunties! :) Glad you enjoyed the pics... speaking of which, am I going to get a copy of the ones you took on your visit? :~)

Lau, you are such a picture-hog, LOL! You don't even care about me anymore, you just wanna see pics of the baby! ;)

Samantha said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe how big he is getting. 5 months already!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! The first picture is just hilarious. The second picture is touching. I can really see you in him in the third picture and the last picture is darling!