Now I know...

My Airman went back on swings today... I can't decide how I feel about it, exactly. I'm happy, because I do enjoy getting to wake up with my honey, and not having to give him a groggy kiss good-bye at 0-dark-30. But then, when he's on this schedule, I get a little stir-crazy once the baby goes down for the night (like now). It's quarter after 8, and my hubby won't be home for another 3 hours. *sigh* What to do? What to do?

Hmmmm... I've already finished up the laundry, so that's out. I've been working hard to keep the dishes conquered, so there's nothing there for me, either. I could bake something.... but I just realized that I can't. I was thinking about making some yummy lemon bread, but since this is spur-of-the-moment, I don't have any softened butter. Then I thought about making some cookies -- I've been craving oatmeal raisin lately -- because I can substitute some shortening, and that takes care of my butter problem... but I just used up the last of my vanilla a few days ago. I figured I wouldn't do much baking this late in the month, and could wait until pay day to buy some more.

I guess I know that from now on, I should always have my baking staples on-hand at all times when my honey's on swings. Either that, or I could just rearrange my cleaning schedule to the evenings, and then I would have something to do after the baby's asleep, LOL! :o)


Samantha said...

That would be hard! I know what you mean about the groggy kiss. Today Jim went in to work at 5:30 a.m. and I think I may have grunted at him when he woke me up for a kiss goodbye:)

Hopefully this new schedule isn't permanent for you and Nathan, and if you're ever looking for something to do there is always blogging (((smiles))).

Happymama said...

LOL, you are SO a mom now. LOL I remember feeling unsure of how to work things around hubby's schedule and my baby's schedules, which was constantly changing. FUN FUN, HUH?



Arlene said...

LOL, Samantha, you sound like my best friend -- she is always hinting at me to post blogs. Yes, blogging is always there, isn't it? :o)

So, this is what it's like to be a mom... you're right, Kristi -- it is fun! :o)